Video Conferencing Solutions for Healthcare and Telehealth

In health care, nothing is as important as giving your patients the care they need. But for many homebound or hard-to-reach patients, simply visiting a physician can be a challenge.

Lifesize medical video conferencing solutions make doctor, patient and expert access as easy as dialing a phone.

We invite you to explore how video conferencing from Lifesize can help you extend patient care and collaborate with specialists around the world. View our Lifesize Physician Emergency Consult video to see how a simple video call from an elderly patient convalescing at home triggers an emergency consult video conference call with multiple doctors and medical professionals for a real-time diagnosis. And take an inside look at how one healthcare provider, JSA Health, uses HD video to connect doctors with their patients and how it significantly grew their business with over 5000 patient encounters in its first year of operation alone!

Lifesize is cost effective and helps medical staff and healthcare professionals maintain a high quality of care for patients. Read more about the Lifesize video solutions that will help you achieve your healthcare organization’s goals.

How Lifesize Helps Healthcare

  • Extend Patient Care

    Health care is best delivered face to face, doctor to patient. Unfortunately, some patients can be in remote areas, far from the nearest health care provider. Medical video conferencing solutions from Lifesize enable patients and physicians to meet for consultations from wherever they may be without the need for travel. With HD video, physicians can be virtually connected with patients, using technology to look into an ear canal, view an X-ray or fully examine a patient to provide a diagnosis in real time from a computer, tablet or even a mobile device.

  • Access the Inaccessible

    Even in areas where physicians are easily accessible, specialty care can be a challenge. Lifesize HD video communication solutions regularly connect patients to specialists in fields such as neonatology, psychiatry, nephrology, oncology and more for consultations and second opinions. With an HD video conferencing solution in place, patients can have access to the world’s top diagnosticians and healers, even when illness prevents them from traveling.

  • Reduce Travel

    For patients with chronic conditions, traveling regularly to visit a physician can be a physical, emotional and financial burden. With Lifesize, patients can be monitored from home via a computer or even a smartphone or tablet while still benefiting from face-to-face appointments with the physicians they trust. Lifesize telehealth solutions enable access to specialists in real time as soon as a medical emergency arises.

  • Flexible Learning Options

    Few fields advance as quickly as medicine, which is why continuing education is so crucial for physicians and staff. Lifesize medical video conferencing solutions let physicians learn from and collaborate with the world’s best by virtually attending live surgeries and viewing fast-frame digital visuals, all without taking time away from their patients to travel. Lifesize also enables video mentoring so that specialists can teach new methods and techniques for better medical results or improved patient comfort.

  • Global Collaboration

    Research and collaboration on best practices, new findings and trial drugs are vital to the continued advancement and success in medicine. Lifesize healthcare video communication solutions enable experts around the globe to collaborate in real time over HD video and share data securely, discuss prognoses, treatments and more.

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