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Extend care with 4K video call quality

Enhance client service and deliver medical answers with confidence with the highest quality video available.

Easy-to-use, web-based connectivity

No downloads or installs required. Connect from your office, laptop, Chromebook or mobile phone.

Enable remote collaboration

Connect with experts around the globe to discuss treatment options and share best practices.

Accelerate decision making

Assess situations, discuss options and provide an action plan quickly and efficiently with video.

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Benefits of Video Conferencing for Health Care

Health care providers have one defining purpose — to deliver the highest level of care to their patients. It’s also important to understand that health care organizations are businesses with day-to-day processes that need to run smoothly. Modern technology has greatly enhanced a physician’s ability to run a successful practice. Video conferencing technology enables health care providers and support staff to collaborate across distances, creating greater efficiencies and a sharper focus on patient care.

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Extend patient care

Health care is best delivered face to face, provider to patient. But the unfortunate reality is that many patients who live in remote areas are unable to receive in-person medical attention because they reside so far from a health care provider. Telehealth video conferencing solutions from Lifesize enable patients and physicians to meet for consultations from wherever they may be without the need for travel. With 4K video, physicians can virtually connect with patients, using technology to look into an ear canal, view an X-ray or fully examine a patient to provide a diagnosis in real time from a computer, tablet or even a mobile device.

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Access the inaccessible

Even in areas where physicians are easily accessible, specialty care can still be a challenge. 4K video communication offers general practitioners the ability to connect patients to specialists out in the field in areas such as neonatology, psychiatry, nephrology, oncology and more. Telehealth enables patients to receive care from the world’s top diagnosticians and physicians, even when illness or the expense of travel prevents them from meeting in person.

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Reduce travel

For patients with chronic conditions that inhibit mobility, traveling regularly to visit a physician can be a physical, emotional and financial burden. With Lifesize, patients can be monitored from the comfort of home via a computer or even a smartphone while still benefiting from face-to-face appointments with the physicians they trust. Lifesize telehealth solutions enable access to specialists in real time as soon as a medical emergency arises. Likewise, physicians who manage multiple clinics can use video conferencing to connect with nurses and support staff without having to commute between locations.

enable flexible learning opportunities.

Enable flexible learning opportunities

Few fields advance as quickly as medicine, which is why continuing education is so crucial for physicians and staff. Lifesize medical video conferencing solutions let physicians learn from and collaborate with the world’s best by virtually attending live surgeries and viewing fast-frame digital visuals, all without taking time away from their patients to travel. Lifesize also enables video mentoring so that specialists can teach new methods and techniques for better medical results or improved patient comfort.

Facilitate global collaboration

Global collaboration on best practices, research findings and pharmaceutical trials is vital to the continued advancement and success in medicine. Lifesize health care video solutions enable experts around the globe to collaborate in real time over 4K video to securely present data, discuss prognoses, share treatment successes and more.

Why integrate Lifesize video conferencing into your health care practice?

Best-in-Class 4K Quality

The Lifesize Icon 700 is perfect for helping you present your absolute best self in every conversation. Meet face to face and review X-rays and medical history reports in full 4K clarity.

Support for BYOD and Browser-Based Calling

Download the Lifesize app for all of your devices or connect right from your web browser with the Lifesize web app. All patients need is a webcam, internet access and a private link to a virtual consultation, and you’re ready to connect.

Secure Communication

Lifesize uses best-of-breed data centers with independent third-party security and privacy certifications to ensure the most secure and reliable foundation possible for our customers.

HIPAA Compliance

Lifesize has aligned its products, policies and procedures to support customers in accordance with HIPAA privacy and security rules.

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