Video Conferencing for Lawyers: Video Depositions, Client Legal Meetings, and More

In the legal world, efficient collaboration can make or break a case. From communicating with colleagues, experts or witnesses to working with or preparing clients, effective interaction is crucial for success.

High quality video conferencing solutions from Lifesize help you build all of those relationships and even record them for further review, all without taking billable time out of your day to travel.

We invite you to explore how video solutions from Lifesize will help you optimize efficiency through accelerated communications with clients and colleagues around the globe. Save time and money on travel expenses, whether you're a large or small firm, take your law practice further with video conferencing technology. Read more about the Lifesize solutions that will help you achieve your company’s goals.

How Lifesize Helps Legal

  • Accelerate Communications

    In the legal field, information must often be gathered quickly and carefully. Video depositions, which are recorded and used as evidence in trials, can be difficult to schedule when witnesses are out of state or out of the country. With Lifesize high quality video conferencing, interviews and testimonies can be given and recorded “in person” from anywhere over secure HD video and audio on any platform or device and can even be recorded for future reference and playback.

  • Collaboration Made Simple

    Attorneys are more effective when they collaborate. But with the business emphasis on billable hours, many simply cannot take the time to relocate for an office meeting, business review or new policy training. A Lifesize video solution lets your team of attorneys meet, prepare documents together, train on new procedures or protocols and participate in executive briefings from the comfort and convenience of their own offices in real time—all without spending valuable time traveling. This is particularly valuable for large firms with multiple office locations.

  • Reduce Travel

    While attorneys strive to be available whenever their clients need them, this is not always easy, especially for attorney whose clients are out of state or out of the country. Video conferencing from Lifesize helps you connect face to face anytime, anywhere—reducing time and resources spent on travel.

  • Efficient Training

    For attorneys and their clients who must appear in court or in front of an arbitrator or mediator, preparation is paramount. With a Lifesize high quality video conferencing solution in place, you can make the preparation process smoother by recording and replaying practice testimonies and arguments over secure video in person or virtually.

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