Video Conferencing Solutions for Manufacturing

In the manufacturing industry, improving efficiency and quality is a consistent challenge that demands effective collaboration among manufacturers, suppliers and customers.

Business video conferencing solutions from Lifesize make this collaboration happen simply, cost-effectively and without the need for travel.

We invite you to explore how video collaboration solutions from Lifesize will help you facilitate the development and manufacture of products globally, from wherever you may be. Read more about the Lifesize solutions that will help you achieve your business goals.

How Lifesize Helps Manufacturing

  • Streamline Operations

    For manufacturers, operational efficiency can make or break their business. Lifesize video conferencing services can help shorten production times, increase global oversight and improve product quality by letting project teams, outsourced partners and executives come together regularly in real time over HD video to accelerate decision making. Even equipment maintenance and supply chain management can happen virtually with Lifesize HD business video calling solutions—saving money and time throughout the entire product development life cycle.

  • Reduce Time to Market

    To manage global operations efficiently, manufacturing companies need real-time access to their worldwide resource and supplier base. Lifesize HD video conferencing solutions enable real-time virtual product reviews and product development status meetings with offshore plants over video, for a dramatic time savings over shipping products for in-person feedback. From procurement to engineering to final product review, Lifesize HD video conferencing solutions improve manufacturing efficiency every step of the way.

  • Quality Guaranteed

    A company’s reputation is only as good as the quality of the products it develops. Unfortunately, products are not always manufactured where lead developers and stakeholders can oversee and manage the process. With a Lifesize video solution, quality assurance can happen from any location, bringing development, sales teams and customers into the process. Product inspections, remote product tracking and validation tests can all occur over HD video to ensure the highest level of quality manufacturing.

  • Supply Chain Management

    A manufacturing company’s supply chain may be spread around the world. Global sourcing can offer a real competitive advantage—and a real management challenge. With Lifesize HD business video calling solutions, today’s geographically diverse supply chain can use HD video communication and file-sharing collaboration around the clock and around the globe. That means better inventory management and more accurate supply and demand forecasting—for faster market response and better customer satisfaction.

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