Video Conferencing Solutions for Manufacturing

From design to delivery — streamline operations with Lifesize video conferencing.

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True 4K video call quality

The face to face interaction and lifelike video quality lets you connect on a deeper level with contractors, suppliers and customers.

Ultra-high definition content sharing

Share fine levels of details every step of the manufacturing process with full-motion 4K content sharing.

Streamline work processes

Easily connect on any device, anywhere, at any time. Clients can join Lifesize calls without having to download an app.

Deploy enterprise-grade security

All Lifesize video streams are securely encrypted by default to exceed privacy requirements.

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Benefits of Video Conferencing for Manufacturing

Lifesize video conferencing solutions make video collaboration happen simply, cost-effectively and without the need for travel. Lifesize has revolutionized video communication with the most captivating experience possible — the definitive solution for both high-powered meetings and everyday communications -- no conference room necessary. Ultra-high quality video conferencing solutions from Lifesize can help you facilitate the development and production of goods globally, streamlining operations and reduce time to market for your next product.

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Streamline Operations

For manufacturers, operational efficiency can make or break your business. Lifesize video conferencing solutions can help shorten production times, increase global visibility and improve product quality by letting project teams, outsourced partners and executives come together for high level decision making in real time with true-to-life 4K quality. Even equipment maintenance and supply chain management can happen virtually with Lifesize — saving money and time throughout the entire product-development life cycle.

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Reduce Time to Market

To manage global operations efficiently, manufacturing companies need real-time access to their worldwide resource and supplier base. Lifesize video conferencing systems enable real-time virtual product reviews and product development status meetings with offshore plants over video, for a dramatic time savings over shipping products for in-person feedback. From procurement to engineering to final product review, Lifesize improves manufacturing efficiency every step of the way.

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Quality Guaranteed

A company’s reputation is only as good as the quality of the products it develops. Unfortunately, products are not always manufactured where lead developers and stakeholders can oversee and manage the process in person. With Lifesize video conferencing solutions, quality assurance can happen from any location, bringing development, sales teams and customers into the process. Product inspections, remote product tracking and validation tests can all occur with crystal clear HD video and 4K image quality from Lifesize, so no detail is missed. The video clarity ensures the highest level of quality manufacturing.

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Supply Chain Management

Global sourcing can offer a real competitive advantage — and a real management challenge. With Lifesize video collaboration solutions, today’s geographically diverse supply chain can use lifelike 4K video communication and 4K full-motion content sharing to connect and collaborate around the clock and around the globe. That means better inventory management and more accurate supply and demand forecasting — for faster market response and better customer satisfaction.

Why integrate Lifesize video conferencing into your manufacturing process?

Encrypted Connections

Lifesize features end-to-end encryption, ensuring you and your clients will have completely secure connections when discussing proprietary information over video.

Integrated 4K Screen Sharing

Make meetings efficient and successful with easy-to-use ultra-high definition screen sharing. Show product blueprints, prototypes or reports easily.

Support for BYOD and Browser-Based Calling

Download the Lifesize app for all of your devices or connect right from your web browser with the Lifesize web app. All you need is a webcam, internet access and the link to the meeting, and you’re ready to connect.

Recorded Meetings

Record meetings and usability tests to maximize consistency during the product development process. Lifesize Record and Share lets you record any meeting and instantly saves it to your personal recordings library to view or share.

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