Video Conferencing in Media and Entertainment

The media and entertainment industry is a world filled with processes for deadlines, launches and promotional activities that require coordination with multiple parties.

The best video conference solutions from Lifesize keep collaboration moving as simply and cost-effectively as possible. Enjoy real-time, high quality face-to-face web conferencing so you can complete and promote your latest project without adding travel to an already packed schedule.

We invite you to explore how Lifesize will help you optimize your resources and reduce travel and production costs. Read more about the Lifesize solutions that will help you achieve your business goals.

How Lifesize Helps Media and Entertainment

  • Effective Collaboration

    It’s rare to gather studio executives, directors, editors and production teams all together. Yet you need input from all these departments for any successful film, television program, online media, video game or soundtrack project. From sharing ideas to keeping a close watch on budget and schedule, your team can be sure of regular communication via computer, tablet or smartphone through Lifesize HD video conferencing solutions to significantly improve productivity and reduce costs.

  • Global Casting Reach

    The perfect actor for your next production may not always be close by. You often need to search far and wide for the right person, but traveling for casting can be both time-consuming and expensive. With Lifesize, you can set up a virtual casting office wherever you need one. Potential actors can meet with one or several interviewers at once, and the interviews can be recorded and streamed for future playback—leading to a more efficient casting process and a significantly smaller bottom line.

  • Promote Everywhere

    The best entertainment marketing comes from having your project’s stars front and center, promoting your production in as many locations as possible. From news interviews and talk shows to seminars and even Internet appearances, Lifesize video conferencing solutions allow your talent to be in multiple places at once from the comfort of their computers, tablets or smartphones—promoting more frequently than ever without losing a moment to travel and avoiding the exhaustion of a busy travel schedule.

  • Accelerate Communications and Reviews

    Communication with—and among—your stakeholders, customers and executives is an essential element in the production process of a film, television show, online media project or video game. Meeting with all of them can be a drain on valuable time and resources. With the power of Lifesize HD video conferencing solutions, your stakeholders can get together to review production status from the comfort of their own homes, offices or remote viewing facilities.

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