Video Conferencing for Oil, Gas and Energy

Extend field expertise and improve critical response strategies with Lifesize video.

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Ensure remote accessibility

Use video conferencing to give remote experts access to more critical projects without traveling between sites.

Manage critical responses

Assess situations, discuss plans and enable responders quickly and efficiently with video communication.

Streamline operations and training

Remove travel from the equation and still meet and conduct trainings face to face.

Deploy enterprise-grade security

All Lifesize video streams are securely encrypted by default to exceed privacy requirements.

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Benefits of video conferencing for oil, gas and energy companies

For businesses in the oil, natural gas and energy industry, efficiency is key. Whether you are trying to cost-effectively communicate with workers in the field or managing teams through crisis conditions, seamless collaboration is a necessity. Reliable and secure video conferencing solutions from Lifesize connect office workers and field staff instantly, streamlining operations and reducing travel costs by eliminating the need for unnecessary travel.

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Improve access to remote experts

For companies managing energy or utilities across an entire region, having specially trained experts at all locations can be inefficient and cost prohibitive. With Lifesize 4K video conference calls, experts can monitor everything taking place in the field at multiple locations from the comfort of their offices, without wasting time traveling between sites. Your experts can communicate with regional staff in real time and share data with one another to ensure that demand is being met and remote teams are kept in the loop on critical business decisions.

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Train and execute crisis management

Efficient crisis management and response is vital for both environmental and organizational reasons. Lifesize video conference calls enable responders to communicate face to face in real time to assess situations, discuss contingency plans and broadcast important health and safety communications to their teams — wherever they may be and using any device. Crisis response training can also be conducted and recorded over video conferencing to review successes and extend the valuable information to new hires joining the team.

Patient viewing doctor on video call.

Provide health care to remote employees and locations

While many exploration sites have nurses and health-care professionals on staff, they often require whole teams of workers to be away from the nearest specialized medical care facility for months at a time. When a worker at a remote site becomes ill, Lifesize video conferencing solutions enable virtual consultations with a remote specialist who can evaluate and offer assistance in real time.

Construction worker on video call.

Drive more efficient project management

With workers on exploration sites, offshore rigs and other remote locations scattered across multiple regions, the need for high quality and reliable video conferencing is critical to keeping projects on time and within budget. Video solutions from Lifesize help facilitate face-to-face collaboration with support for hundreds of participants while eliminating the need for travel.

Why integrate Lifesize video conferencing?

Best-in-Class 4K Quality

The Lifesize Icon 700 delivers 4K video and 4K content sharing to help users pick up on the fine detail needed when reviewing plans or monitoring equipment levels.

Support for BYOD and Browser-Based Calling

Download the Lifesize app for all of your devices or connect right from your web browser with the Lifesize web app. All you need is a webcam, internet access and the link to the meeting, and you’re ready to connect.

4K Global Network

With data centers in every major geography, our industry-leading global presence helps you connect with teams around the globe with 4K video and 4K full-motion content sharing quality.

Secure Communication

Lifesize uses best-of-breed data centers with independent third-party security and privacy certifications to ensure the most secure and reliable foundation possible for our customers.

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