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Lifesize + Kaptivo: Powering Advanced Collaboration

by Craig Malloy in Lifesize, Products, Technology
Kaptivo logo with text Now Part of Lifesize surrounded by digital whiteboard content  At Lifesize, we’re constantly looking for new ways to redefine and simplify the communication experience. And during a time when lifelike, personal connection from any location is central to a deeper, more authentic way of collaboration and maintaining a sense of normalcy in how we communicate , we’re proud to announce our acquisition of Kaptivo , a leading innovator in digital collaboration…

Beyond the Tipping Point: The Future is Not Just Work From Home, It’s ‘Work From Everywhere’

by Craig Malloy in Industry, Technology, Trends
Bell Curve graph with people on conference calls in the background To borrow from a previous post , the future of work  arrived yesterday, long before many organizations were prepared to evolve into it. Somehow, only three months after the global COVID-19 pandemic took hold, that unexpected, early arrival of nearly universal remote work now feels far in the rearview mirror. The tipping point for both remote work and certainly video conferencing adoption …

Open Letter in Response to Zoom Censorship

by Craig Malloy in Industry, Technology
Lights coming from all over the world and connecting to different points On Thursday, June 11, our video conferencing competitor, Zoom, openly acknowledged it acted at the behest of the Chinese government in not only censoring the speech, but also terminating the accounts, of multiple people living and acting within the laws of the United States. According to multiple media reports, this exercise of free speech was offensive to Chinese government officials and Zoom…

How Lifesize Is Supporting Customers and Colleagues through the Coronavirus Pandemic

by Craig Malloy in Industry, Lifesize
Scene of people working remotely with text keep the world working together Yesterday, the World Health Organization formally classified the coronavirus (COVID-19) a global pandemic following weeks of concern about the rapidly growing health crisis, now being felt in more than 100 countries around the world. We recognize the health and safety of your employees is of paramount concern, and our thoughts are with the individuals, families and organizations being impacted.…

Lifesize + Serenova: Delivering Personal Experiences to Contact Center and Modern Workplace Communications

by Craig Malloy in Industry, Unified Communications, Lifesize
Serenova logo plus Lifesize with a lady on a video conference call in the background Since the day I founded Lifesize, the mission has always been to deliver more lifelike interactions, personal connections and simplified productivity tools to help our customers navigate the tangled web of business communications over video. Today marks a monumental milestone in that ongoing journey. I’m delighted to share that Lifesize has merged with Serenova , a leading provider of contact…

Lifesize Recognized as a Visionary in Gartner’s 2019 Magic Quadrant for Meeting Solutions

by Craig Malloy in Industry
Teal background gartner magic quadrant We believe, Gartner, Inc.’s annual Magic Quadrant research reports serve as an important reference point for many enterprise technology decision-makers and are considered invaluable resources among business and IT leaders around the world. Today, we are excited to share that Lifesize has been named a Visionary in the 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Meeting Solutions 1 which evaluates 16…

Introducing Lifesize Go: Free, Fast and Flexible Video Conferencing for All

by Craig Malloy in Lifesize, Products
With Lifesize Go, it has never been easier to collaborate one-to-one or with small groups. We’ve come a long way in the video conferencing industry. And yet, there are times when connecting through video still isn’t as easy as it should be. Increasingly, business users expect their workplace tools to be just as simple and intuitive as those they use in their personal lives. However, in many cases, the user experience for enterprise technologies lags behind. Collaboration is…

Hardware Is Hard

by Craig Malloy in Best Practices, Changing the Way the World Communicates, Lifesize, Technology, Trends
Building communication hardware is hard — good thing Lifesize likes the challenge. I saw an  article last week about some of the problems Google is having with their new hardware devices. Companies often underestimate the very real challenges that come with building great hardware. And those challenges only compound as smart, high-functioning personal devices become ubiquitous.  So much more is expected of constantly connected, smart devices as their utility and usefulness…

Our Thoughts? Imitation Is Flattery

by Craig Malloy in Lifesize
conference room video solution I read with a bit of a wry smile last week’s announcement about a new partnership between Zoom and Polycom promising “one click to join a Zoom meeting from a Polycom video solution.” What I found humorous about this announcement is that Zoom and Polycom are just now figuring out that they need both a cloud-based collaboration platform and conference room systems to succeed in the new phase…

The Conference Room Still Matters

by Craig Malloy in Cloud, Lifesize, Meeting Room, Trends
  Last month, we shared the tremendous  momentum that our cloud-based conferencing service  has gained since its launch two years ago. Cloud solutions and services have gained enormous traction as workforces become more mobile and globally distributed, and it’s this market trend that led us to reinvent Lifesize as a cloud-first company. Earlier this year, we ended our sale of on-premise…
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