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Poor Video Quality During a Call? Here’s How to Fix It

by Dustin Smith in Best Practices, Technology
Blurry image of video camera The quality of a video call can truly make or break a meeting. Poor video quality is not only frustrating, but it can limit productivity and keep your team from reaching their goals. By addressing concerns with video quality ahead of time, you can maximize the efficiency of your meetings and achieve team goals faster. In this blog, we look at the common culprits of a bad video call and provide…

How to Hold a Virtual Meeting and Keep it Running Smoothly

by Dustin Smith in Best Practices, Meeting Room
4 people in a virtual meeting While some businesses were averse to using virtual meetings in the past, that reluctance no longer rings true. More and more companies are discovering all the advantages of virtual meetings. From expanding their reach, to achieving new goals, to staying connected with fellow team members, companies globally are hosting more online meetings than ever before. Coordinating a virtual meeting isn’t…

What Will Future Workplaces Look Like After 2020?

by Dustin Smith in Industry, Mobility, Trends
graphic showing the people in different locations working together The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed our work environment and how we interact with our colleagues. But the shift in how and where we work presents an opportunity to reshape and reinvent the workplace for a post-COVID-19 reality. Instead of defining “work” as a single office location, moving forward, experts predict that a much more significant percentage of employees will be allowed…

Virtual Town Hall Meetings: 10 Tips to Run a Better Meeting

by Dustin Smith in Best Practices, Streaming and Recording
A number of people on a conference call during a virtual townhall Town hall meetings, and other company-wide all-hands discussions, are great for getting everyone in your organization together at the same time to share important business updates, strategy decisions, big customer wins and progress toward company-wide goals. But with more employees working remotely than ever before, it may be impossible to get all your staff together in the same physical place.…

Personal Connections in the Digital Age: How to Create Business Relationships That Last

by Dustin Smith in Best Practices, People
Lady with her young daughter on a video call Businesses thrive when employees and clients feel like they’re cared for and connect on a personal level. A Harvard University study shows that only 15% of the reason a person gets a job, keeps a job or advances in a job is related to technical skills and job knowledge, while 85% has to do with people skills and building personal connections. So what is the best way to build truly authentic…

Business Continuity Planning: Definition, Examples and How to Write One

by Dustin Smith in Best Practices, Industry
yellow blocks are falling over but a finger is holder up one purple block The COVID-19 crisis caught organizations around the world by surprise and left companies scrambling to figure out how to keep their operations running while simultaneously supporting an entirely remote workforce and new business processes. A recent Business Continuity Survey by industry research firm Gartner showed that only 12% of organizations felt highly prepared for the impact of coronavi…

5 Inexpensive Video Conferencing Lighting Solutions

by Dustin Smith in Products, Best Practices
Man on a conference call using a Lume Cube light attached to his laptop Video conferencing has surged in usage since the outbreak of COVID-19. As organizations around the world quickly implemented work-from-home policies to slow the spread of the virus, video conference calls became the ultimate solution to connect the remote workforce. Conference calls have now become so commonplace that many employees who historically never participated in video meetings are…

Returning to Work in 2020: A New Hybrid Work Model after COVID-19

by Dustin Smith in Best Practices, Technology
A man tying his dress shoes, preparing to go to work Following weeks of employees’ working remotely in response to COVID-19 , businesses are now facing a new challenge: how and when to return to the office safely. Despite uncertainties and significant logistical concerns, a post-COVID-19 workplace is inevitable, even as organizations work to adapt facilities based on evolving guidelines from public health institutions. To successfully transition…

Building Team Camaraderie in the Workplace (Especially if You’re Remote)

by Dustin Smith in Best Practices, Mobility
6 people embracing with their arms around each other Genuine team camaraderie is key to successfully building a collaborative and productive team that not only enjoys working together but can accomplish goals with ease. Noting research from Gallup, the  Harvard Business Review writes , “Employees report that when they have friends at work, their job is more fun, enjoyable, worthwhile, and satisfying. Gallup found that close work friendships…

Our 5 Favorite Virtual Background Apps & How to Use Them with Lifesize

by Dustin Smith in Features, Technology
Lady on conference call with a waterfall virtual background Never before have employees worked remotely on such a massive scale. When millions of companies went fully remote in a short period of time to slow the spread of the coronavirus, video conferencing became the logical solution for connecting the remote workforce and keeping teams productive from home. In a matter of weeks, video conferencing usage exploded, permeating nearly all aspects of…
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