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Latest Products, Features and Enhancements from Lifesize

by Elizabeth Hawes in Features, Products
Catch up with Lifesize on the latest products and enhancements from the past 12 months. At Lifesize, we are constantly innovating and developing new features and products to provide customers with a best-in-class video conferencing  experience. Lifesize has dedicated teams working on all aspects of our service from our web, desktop and mobile apps to our room systems and everything in between. Every month we release several improvements as a part of the Lifesize service, which…

Customize Your Conference Room with Lifesize Phone HD

by Elizabeth Hawes in Cloud, Features, Lifesize, Meeting Room, Products
Every organization is unique. You may have offices all over the globe, a few local teams you collaborate with daily or both! Keeping track of time zones and essential numbers can be cumbersome, especially when your day is filled with meetings. Shouldn’t the phones in your conference rooms be tailored to your organization so you can get into those conversations easily and quickly? With Lifesize,…

Live Stream Video Conference Calls in Any Meeting Room + Video Call Streaming Setup

by Elizabeth Hawes in Streaming and Recording, Cloud, Lifesize, Products
stream record share Traditional video calls have always focused around collaboration, but they tend to cap out at a max number of participants and audience members. You don’t really get the full effect of a video conference call when each of your 1,000 attendees is shrunken down to 10 pixels of on-screen real estate. Besides, once you get into the hundreds or thousands of attendees, the purpose of the meeting…

Calendar Integration in the Conference Room

by Elizabeth Hawes in Cloud, Features, Lifesize, Meeting Room, Microsoft, Products, Technology
Your meeting technology shouldn’t get in the way of your conversations. With the launch of our new calendar integration, Enterprise and Premium customers can easily subscribe their Lifesize® Icon™ systems to their Microsoft® Office 365®, Google Apps for Work™ or Microsoft® Exchange 2013 calendar for some great new meeting room functionality — including the easiest, most intuitive meeting…

Introducing Lifesize® Phone™ HD

by Elizabeth Hawes in Cloud, Features, Lifesize, Products, Technology
Meet the new command central for your conference rooms. Combined with Lifesize® Cloud and a Lifesize Icon system, Lifesize Phone HD delivers an unparalleled video communication experience. If the touchscreen on the Lifesize Phone HD seems as easy to use as your smartphone, there’s a good reason why. The user interface is inspired by the best UIs in the mobile space, customer testing and…

Elevating the Conversation: Introducing Second-Generation LifeSize® Phone

by Elizabeth Hawes in Products
Lifesize Phone 2nd Generation [Note from the editor]  For the latest version of the Lifesize Phone, check out the  Lifesize Phone HD .   [Note from the editor]  For more on the Lifesize Phone Second Generation, continue reading below: It is a well-known credo in the video conferencing industry that simplicity drives adoption; the easier a video system is to use, the more people will want to use it. At Lifesize, our vision…
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