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If Rube Goldberg Designed a Collaboration Ecosystem

by Jasmine Kim in Best Practices, Changing the Way the World Communicates, Lifesize, Technology
Simplify your collaboration ecosystem Rube Goldberg machine Rube Goldberg machines are cool, at least in theory, but once those deliberately complex contraptions start taking over your office conferencing and collaboration solutions, they turn into more of a hassle and less of a mesmerizing sequence.   When it comes to collaboration technology, the easier it is to use, the better. In a recent survey we conducted with Spiceworks, we found that the…

How Lifesize Became a Verb at Equiom

by Jasmine Kim in CustomerCase Study, Changing the Way the World Communicates, Lifesize, People
Lifesize and Equiom collaboration Finding a communication solution that has the ability to expand at the same speed as a growing and globalizing organization isn’t easy. As the Equiom Group, a professional services provider, was widening their reach across continents, they looked for a dynamic and secure collaboration tool that could scale as quickly as they were growing.  With locations popping up all around the world, keepin…

Tipping the Work–Life Balance Scale with Video Conferencing

by Jasmine Kim in Best Practices, Lifesize, Mobility, Changing the Way the World Communicates
better work-life balance with video conferencing As the workforce evolves into a more immediate, responsive and collaborative culture, employees are doing everything they can to stay connected with their colleagues and customers. Unfortunately, this can come at a bit of a cost, with more than 658 million unused vacation days left on the table in 2015 . A mix of feeling like they lack management support with the fear of missing out has left…

How Lifesize Uses Lifesize | IT-Approved Video Conferencing

by Jasmine Kim in Best Practices, Changing the Way the World Communicates, Cloud, Lifesize
How Lifesize Uses Lifesize What’s the point of developing an award-winning conferencing and collaboration solution if you’re not going to use it? Here at Lifesize, we opted for the Lifesize Enterprise plan and couldn’t be happier with the service. From keeping an eye on the line at the food truck at lunch to checking up on our company pet fish and every meeting, conference call and interview in between, we use our commun…

Better, Faster, Stronger Decision Making with Video Conferencing

by Jasmine Kim in Cloud, Best Practices, Lifesize
video conferencing faster decision making Video conferencing has made its way into our modern offices as a pillar of collaboration and communication, and for good reason. One of the major benefits businesses find when they deploy video technology is the ability to make more informed decisions faster, as face-to-face interaction gives them the clarity they need to move forward without hesitation. Meet with Minimal Distractions We all…

A Simple Collaboration Stack Can Make You Easier to Do Business With

by Jasmine Kim in Best Practices, Lifesize, Features, Mobility
Business Collaboration Made Simple with Lifesize Video Conferencing The rise of remote working and a dispersed workforce isn't always rainbows and sunshine. Of course, being able to work from any location is convenient. But while more employees are working from home and farther away from one another, the need for constant collaboration and communication becomes a necessity. Without effective collaboration and communication, organizations can't scale internally…

End Users Aren’t the Only Ones Who Value a Simple UI

by Jasmine Kim in Best Practices, Features, Lifesize, Meeting Room, People
74% of IT pros look for a simple user interface American industrial designer Henry Dreyfuss, most recognized for his work on the Western Electric telephone, stated in 1955, “When the point of contact between the product and the people becomes a point of friction, then the designer has failed. On the other hand, if people are made safer, more comfortable, more eager to purchase, more efficient or just plain happier by contact with the product…

All-in-One Solution vs. DIY Collaboration Stack

by Jasmine Kim in Industry, Lifesize, Trends
In an organization, having a collaboration stack could mean one of two things. Some companies prefer a single solution that offers their users multiple modes of collaboration, and others prefer to cultivate a collection of several independent and specialized tools to build out a custom solution. While both methods are sensible ways of operating, it’s easy to compare the two and feel that the…

How to Cut Down Enterprise Conferencing Chaos

by Jasmine Kim in Best Practices, Cloud, Lifesize, Meeting Room, People, Products, Trends
With cloud offerings, it’s really easy for anyone to log onto a website, put in your company credit card details and have a new service up and running in a matter of minutes. It’s also really easy to have six different departments in six different silos installing six different tools within six hours of one another. Maybe they’ll tell IT about it. Or maybe they’ll go rogue. Meanwhile, IT has…

The Results Are In: Video Conferencing Is a Productivity Powerhouse

by Jasmine Kim in Cloud, Lifesize, People, Trends
There’s no denying that video conferencing has found its way into our professional lives. For many organizations, video plays an important role in our collaboration strategies, ultimately transforming the way we do business. Basically face-to-face communication  without the distance, video conferencing makes interacting with colleagues, partners and customers simple and reliable while bringi…
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