Lifesize Share™

Plug-and-play media sharing … minus the plug.

A Photograph of Lifesize Share

Where we’re going, we don’t need cords.

No cables or limits to your meetings. Lifesize Share™ eliminates the clutter and delivers a truly wireless solution for sharing your media in a group of any size. Passing cords and dongles from presenter to presenter is a thing of the past.

Lifesize Share Overview

Eliminate the complexity and clutter of cords, wires and dongles with true wireless screen sharing for any meeting space.

Cut the cord.

Browser Power

Present from any laptop using your web browser

Quick Change

The multi-user sharing queue keeps the meeting moving forward

Ultrasonic Pairing

Connect your laptop to Lifesize Share through ultrasonic audio waves

Secure Syncing

Provide a secure, separate wireless connection point for your guests

Full-Motion Video

Share online videos without stuttering or stammering

Easy Install

Connect to your meeting room display or video conferencing system and start sharing

Third-Party Party

Not just for Lifesize systems — enable wireless sharing on third-party devices, too

IT's Dream Come True

Updates are automatic, and devices are centrally managed

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Complete your conferencing experience with these Lifesize essentials:

Lifesize Video Conferencing Essentials

Lifesize Video Conference Systems

A solution for every meeting space with purpose-built video conferencing systems

Lifesize Phone HD

The smartphone for your conference room with unrivaled audio quality and a best-in-class interface

Lifesize App

Stay connected when and where you want to meet with our full-featured desktop, mobile and web apps

Stay connected and protected.

Device Software Subscription (DSS) for Lifesize Share covers your wireless sharing device investment with hardware support and advanced replacement and enables centralized cloud management features.