Finding a communication solution that has the ability to expand at the same speed as a growing and globalizing organization isn’t easy. As the Equiom Group, a professional services provider, was widening their reach across continents, they looked for a dynamic and secure collaboration tool that could scale as quickly as they were growing. 

Equiom Group

With locations popping up all around the world, keeping all 600 employees on the same page became a little overwhelming, so being able to utilize a single, unified and easily scalable solution dedicated to global collaboration like Lifesize seemed like a dream come true.

We sat down with Stephen Roberts, Equiom Group’s Global IT and Change Director, to hear what he had to say about his experience deploying Lifesize for the expanding organization. Lifesize has been working with Equiom since 2014, and when Roberts discovered Lifesize in the office when he joined, he knew he had a good foundation for building a global collaboration process for the company. From cost, reliability, ease of use and an endless list of features included in our solution, Lifesize was exactly what Roberts was looking for. Read more about what made Lifesize stand out from the others for Equiom.