There’s a LifeSize HD video product for every business need. From systems and infrastructure to software, hosted solutions and the best accessories to complement your system, LifeSize’s easy-to-use products are ready to boost your company’s productivity with a range of options and affordability unmatched in the industry.

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LifeSize Products by System Name

How big do you want to go? Whether you’re looking for a home office video conferencing system that fits in the palm of your hand or a system that will bring your message to a crowded lecture hall, LifeSize can scale right along with your company’s needs.

Click on a topic here to find the LifeSize system that’s perfect for the way you want to use video—in the office, at home or on the road. Or click on the systems shown below to see how LifeSize can bring the power of HD video to wherever your business needs it most.

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LifeSize 220s

LifeSize Unity 50

LifeSize Video Infrastructure Products

Do more via video without burdening your IT teams with added tasks or complexity. Our flexible, scalable video infrastructure solutions help you organize, control and manage video, voice and data simply and effectively. Click on a solution below to learn more

Core Applications

Mobile video calling: LifeSize UVC ClearSea

Multiparty calling: LifeSize UVC Multipoint

Streaming and recording: LifeSize UVC Video Center

Management: LifeSize UVC Manager

Call control: LifeSize UVC ClearSea

Traditional Infrastructure

NAT/Firewall: LifeSize UVC Transit

Gatekeeper: LifeSize UVC Access

Bridging: LifeSize Bridge

Management: LifeSize Control

ISDN: LifeSize Networker

LifeSize Software Products

In today’s bring-your-own-device, on-the-go corporate culture, you have to be sure that every employee has the same access to feature-rich video conferencing and collaboration. With LifeSize, that’s as easy as adding software to your laptop for the most advanced HD video conferencing on any PC or Mac—or almost any tablet or smartphone.

Click on a topic here to learn how LifeSize can connect your world with video, no matter what operating system or device you use.

LifeSize Hosted Video Conferencing

If you want the best in cloud-based services, hosted video conferencing may be the next logical step for your business. Get LifeSize’s most popular HD video functionality without the complexity or expense of managing your own back-end systems. Scale up only as your business demands it; LifeSize will grow with you. 

Click here to learn how to quickly access video conferencing through the cloud with the most intuitive interface on the market today.

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