Finding a single collaboration solution that is easy to use and efficient and that facilitates all of the essential business communication streams seems like a lot to ask for. So we settle. And oftentimes, we get tangled into managing and maintaining a hodgepodge of different vendors and subscriptions — paying for overlapping functionality and missing the real benefits of a true collaboration solution.

We recently ran a survey with the IT Spiceheads of the Spiceworks community to get a little more information about what was working and what was painfully not working with their current collaboration conglomerations. What we discovered was a hectic mess of conferencing chaos.

Lifesize Gif-o-Graphic | Too many tools

Finding an all-in-one collaboration solution not only saves your company time, money and energy, it can also do great things for productivity, efficiency and overall happiness in the workplace. Learn more about the features and factors IT professionals consider before purchasing collaboration technology for their organization by checking out our guide Find Your Way Out of Conferencing Chaos

At Lifesize, our systems are built with IT in mind, and we understand the need for simplicity in the midst of all the chaos. Lifesize is a dynamic, all-in-one conferencing solution built to streamline all the complexity that comes with finding collaborative applications essential to your organization. Try it free for 14 days of unlimited chat, audio, web and video conferencing.