Being able to share your screen with your colleagues in the meeting room can do wonders for the way you communicate. From easy collaboration to heightened productivity levels, screen sharing can completely transform your conference call from a monotonous call to a truly interactive sync session. By sharing your laptop screen and playing full-motion videos to driving a presentation right from your mobile phone, Lifesize gives you a lot of flexibility in how you wirelessly present both from your laptop in an online meeting or right from within the meeting room. Here’s a look at the easiest ways to screen share in the meeting.

Lifesize makes it easy to share your laptop screen and present in online meetings and removes the need for cords or dongles in the meeting room with the easiest wireless screen sharing solutions.

How to screen share in 4 steps:

Sharing your computer screen in an online meeting is an easy and common workflow for someone who wants to present right from their laptop. Here’s how:

  1. Get your presentation ready
  2. Join the meeting from the Lifesize desktop or web app
  3. Click the present button
  4. Choose to present a single app or your entire screen

You will see share-screen-on when you are sharing your screen. Meeting participants in the call see share-screen when they are viewing your presentation. Use the arrows between the presentation and call windows to resize them.

How to share your screen in a meeting room or conference room

Sharing your screen in the conference room with Lifesize Share is just as easy as sharing from your laptop in an online meeting.

1. Get your presentation ready

Make sure you have the right content ready to share before the meeting starts. This is your time to take a moment and clean up your tabs and download the necessary files and content pieces so your meeting can run smoothly.

2. Go to your company’s Share URL 

Lifesize Share is a web-based wireless sharing device that lets you connect to your meeting room displays without having to use a dongle or cord. Share URLs are branded to your company — such as or — and centrally managed by your account admin, making it easy to configure for admins and easy to use for your employees.

3. Select your meeting room

Your Share URL displays a list of meeting rooms. Just select the meeting room you want to share in.

4. Choose to share your screen

Everyone meets differently — that’s why we give you different ways to share your screen in your meeting room.

Entire Screen: Sharing your entire screen makes it easy to click through different tabs and open multiple documents and applications at once. By sharing your entire screen, you can cover several topics at once. 

Specific application window: Choose which application you’d like to share and lock your meeting room display to show only that application. With this method, you can open up a separate document or application so you can simultaneously take notes in the meeting without taking away from the presentation. 

Chrome tab: You can share more than just applications, too. With this method, lock your display to a specific Chrome browser tab while also having the freedom of navigating among other tabs on your laptop without distracting your colleagues. 

How to share a video in a meeting room or conference room

Trying to share more than just a presentation? Share full-motion videos in the meeting room without stuttering, buffering or sound sync issues.

1. Go to your company’s Share URL and select your meeting room

Have the link of the video you’d like to share ready and go to your company’s Share URL. Log in and select the conference room your meeting will be taking place in.

2. Select “Play a Video”

Instead of choosing to “share your screen” like you would if you were sharing an application or presentation, choose “play a video.”

3. Paste in your video URL and click play

If the video is hosted and your room is equipped with a Lifesize Share device, all you have to do is copy and paste the video link and click play. If your video isn’t hosted on a site like YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox, Wistia or other streaming site, just upload it to the “manage files” section on the share device before your meeting for easy access whenever you need it.

How to upload and manage files and videos on your share device

Add documents, presentations, videos or graphics from your device to the internal storage of the Lifesize Share device to access anytime. This way, you can upload, access and queue up your files for your meetings that might have multiple presentations. You can even control uploaded presentations right from your phone screen.

  1. Go to your company’s Share URL and select your meeting room
  2. Select “manage files”
  3. Upload files directly to Lifesize Share to access anytime from any device (even mobile devices)

How Lifesize Share makes screen sharing easy

Lifesize Share brings a range of connected technologies together seamlessly so your meetings can run smoothly and seamlessly. Save the hassle and lost time trying to find and pass the right dongle or cord to your colleagues and share your screen in real time with Lifesize Share.

Ditch the Dongles

Clear up all the clutter on the conference room table — Lifesize Share is truly wireless, with ultrasonic audio pairing and Apple Airplay® capabilities. 

Share straight from your browser

Present from any laptop using your web browser.

Separate connections for your guests

Lifesize Share provides a secure way to sync, with separate wireless connection points for your guests and colleagues.

Multiuser sharing queue for productive meetings

Keep your meetings moving forward by queueing up multiple presentations and videos for a truly smooth meeting experience.


Experience the flexibility of how you can present in the meeting room, control your presentation and play videos from any device you choose with Lifesize Share. Watch the full live demo to learn how to get started with your Lifesize Share device and check out our tips on presentation skills!

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Screen Sharing FAQs

Can I share my phone screen?

Yes! You can access the same wireless sharing features and capabilities of your Lifesize Share device right from your phone. Upload files, control presentation slide shows and play videos on the go.

Do I need to have a user account to use Lifesize Share? Can guests use it?

A Lifesize account is not required to connect to a Lifesize Share. Guests can present as long as they are connected to the network. 

How many people can present at a time?

Connected users can take turns presenting one at a time, and meetings can be easily managed with the multiuser sharing queue.