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It is a well-known credo in the video conferencing industry that simplicity drives adoption; the easier a video system is to use, the more people will want to use it. At Lifesize, our vision is to change the way the world communicates and that vision drives everything we do. With today’s announcement, we have created a new product that will fundamentally change the way people use video conferencing: the second generation of LifeSize® Phone.

As the first touch screen conference phone optimized for HD video conferencing, the Lifesize Phone takes video collaboration to a new level, making it easier to use and simpler to navigate with directory dialing and a video-optimized UI. Often, knowledge workers who may be new to video can be intimidated by video conferencing solutions and don’t want to mistakenly call someone or fumble while trying to initiate data sharing. The new Lifesize Phone utilizes familiar touch screen navigation – a format that millions of people are used to on their smartphones and tablets – and removes the complexity of remote-control dialing.

Now, regardless of your skill level or previous video knowledge, you can use Lifesize systems on the first try, without referencing an instruction manual or making frequent calls to your IT department’s helpdesk.

“Our goal with the second generation Lifesize Phone was to design a product so simple to use, anyone could walk into a conference room and be instantly engaged in a productive meeting over video. By making the act of video calling instinctive while also taking advantage of more advanced collaboration features, we’re helping drive mass adoption of video calling throughout the enterprise,” said Michael Helmbrecht, vice president and general manager, video solutions for Lifesize.

With the new LifeSize Phone, video collaboration is at your fingertips.

[Note from the editor] And with the even newer Lifesize Phone HD, video collaboration is at your fingertips and better than ever before!