Johanniter-Krankenhaus is a recognized and certified lung cancer center and center of excellence for thoracic surgery in Germany. This specialist pneumology, thoracic surgery and allergology clinic serves the region of South Brandenberg and has been gaining recognition from the Germany Cancer Society and German Society for Thoracic Surgery since 2012.

Lifesize Telemedicine for Simple Medical Diagnoses at Johanniter-Krankenhaus

In the medical field, timing is extremely important. Every second counts. As an institution in the spotlight, the Johanniter-Krankenhaus clinic has been conducting tumor conferences for quick diagnoses that lead to faster treatments for patients. These experts were looking for a solution that would enable specialists to connect more effectively with general hospitals in Brandenburg to strengthen their cooperation and improve pneumological diagnoses.

By deploying Lifesize cloud-based video conferencing technology, external experts are now able to quickly and easily connect to conferences and make diagnoses with their own devices. Our solution also allows Johanniter-Krankenhaus to live broadcast their operating theater directly into the tumor conferences. Learn more about how Lifesize was seamlessly integrated into Johanniter-Krankenhaus to make collaboration and diagnoses easier.