In this episode of Lifesize Live!, the President of the US Distance Learning Association and Director of Partnerships and Collaboration at i2i Technologies Ken Conn talks about the evolution of online learning.

Ken Conn saw the unique role that video could play in learning when it first entered his classroom where he was teaching almost 20 years ago, and the promise that was made to him about technology improving student learning and student engagement is finally coming true today. 

It’s easy to get tangled in the “how” to learn via video and forget why we want to deploy video in the classroom in the first place, simply because of how complicated the technology used to be when it first started permeating the classroom. Now, video has become so accessible and easy to learn and use that it’s truly transparent, and we can focus on the content and goals to be accomplished. 

Read more about what Ken had to say about video conferencing technology and its presence in the classroom in our recent blog “The Video Promise of Yesterday is Finally Coming True Today.” In it, he goes a little more in depth about his journey from a regular sixth-grade teacher to the President of USDLA and why he thinks a blended learning environment might be the next big thing. 

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