Calling in to a meeting remotely and having to choose between seeing your colleagues’ faces and seeing a shared presentation is a hard choice to make. While we’ve always given meeting attendees a priority slider to switch back and forth between presentations and participants, we’re now giving you the ability to pop out presentations into a secondary window so you can make the most of your screen’s real estate.

Lifesize pop-out presentation sharing

Lifesize desktop and web app users can now make use of our new pop-out presentation window. All you have to do is hover over the presentation and click on the icon in the lower right corner of your screen. Then you can drag the presentation to a separate window while the video attendee layout automatically adjusts to focus on the call participants. Now feel free to resize and adjust both windows however you’d like!

For those with multiple monitors, you now have the ability to move the presentation to one monitor while viewing your colleagues on the other — you basically get the same features of a dual-screen meeting room display at your own desk.

In order to access pop-out presentations, make sure your Lifesize app has been updated to the latest version. And if you’re still on the legacy desktop app, be sure to uninstall the old desktop app and download the new version from our downloads page.

Follow this feature update on the Lifesize Community and let us know how pop-out presentations will impact your calling experience.