Shout Out On Social To Help Second Harvest This Season

Think about the last time you were hungry. Was it this morning when you woke up or as you were driving home, anticipating dinner? For most of us, hunger is fleeting, but what if you or your family were hungry all the time? It may be difficult for some of us to imagine what that would be like, but millions of our neighbors experience that pit in their stomach regularly—whether it’s due to hunger or the stress of not being able to ensure their family eats healthy food. Fortunately, there are organizations here to help. Organizations like Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties (SHFB) whose slogan and mission are to “provide food for people in need in our community.”

LiveOps is proud to again partner with Second Harvest in its Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday social media efforts. It’s a really great, simple way for social media users to help Second Harvest raise money to provide food to those in need during the holidays. LiveOps will donate up to $5,000 for social media engagement with SHFB on Cyber Monday (December 1) and Giving Tuesday (December 2). All you need to do is one of the following:

  1. “Like” Second Harvest on Facebook
  2. Follow Second Harvest on Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ or Instagram
  3. “Like,” share or retweet images that @2ndharvest posts
  4. Watch their holiday video
  5. Respond to questions posted by SHFB on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Instagram
  6. Share photos with these hashtags – #nomnom, #saywhatmatters, #healthy, #unselfie – on Instagram, Twitter (make sure to tag @2ndharvest on those two) or on their Facebook page and make sure to include the designated hashtah

For each of those actions by new users (those who haven’t liked or followed Second Harvest before), we will make a donation of $5 – $10 each, up to $5,000. So simple, right? And it has such a positive impact on our community, especially around the holidays. If you can contribute to help SHFB in its mission to raise $15 million and two million pounds of food to help meet the local need this holiday season, please do. Any contributions to help end hunger in our area are greatly appreciated—by Second Harvest and by the people who ultimately benefit.

Please join us in supporting this worthy organization—on #CyberMonday and #GivingTuesday especially. Hope to see you being extra social those two days!