Video recording and sharing are some of the most innovative tools in the video conferencing industry. Seeing someone face to face far exceeds the effect of an audio call or email, but being able to record that call for later viewing or sharing it with teams inside or outside of your organization takes this technology to new heights. Lately we’ve been on a kick to find cool new ways to use HD video recording and sharing.

Create Your Company’s Own “Corporate YouTube”

Throughout the years, YouTube has hosted billions of videos, including silly sketches, interviews, movie trailers, sports highlights, advertisements and music videos. In fact, YouTube receives billions of views every day, and 300 hours of video are uploaded every minute. It’s no secret that people like viewing video content. The message is easier to understand when it’s verbal and visual. But how can you leverage this type of technology in the business world?

With the Lifesize App, recording your own HD video is as easy as pressing a single button. You can record everything from multiparty calls to sales presentations, training videos and recorded greetings—really anything you can think of. Lifesize Record and Share then automatically uploads your recording to your personal video library in your Lifesize account, instantly. From there, you can view recordings, share them with your team, favorite, like—all from your browser. And, unlike YouTube, your videos are safely encrypted with the Lifesize App, both while being recorded and once they’re uploaded to your video library. After all, this is your top-secret business content we’re talking about.

Think of all the ways you can use this technology

  • Record department-wide and all-hands meetings
  • Extend meetings to international teammates to view during their business hours
  • Capture important onboarding information to share during new-hire training sessions
  • Live stream important meetings for up to 10,000 participants with real-time Q&A
  • This list can get long, so read our blog on the Top 10 Recordings Your Business Needs to Capture for more ideas!

Creating a “Corporate YouTube” is just one of the ways Lifesize can benefit your business. Check out our video streaming and recording guide to learn more about how Lifesize Record and Share will change the way you work, including:

  • Recruiting and training the best of the best
  • Sharing enhanced video knowledge
  • Extending the message to everyone
  • Overcoming time zone constraints
  • Keeping a full record for safekeeping
  • Utilizing video streaming and recording for more than just meetings