When you’re working in sales, time is your most precious, finite resource. There never seems to be enough of it, and the list of things to do and people to meet just seems to get longer. In this episode of Lifesize Live! we sat down with Jordan Caulfield, an Enterprise Account Executive at Lifesize, to learn how video conferencing technology plays a crucial role in communicating with leads and closing deals.

Being able to conduct meetings with your clients over video makes creating a great relationship less stressful and more natural from the very first call. Video conferencing reduces travel costs and saves time for all parties involved while still enabling that critical nonverbal communication you can only get face to face.

For the traveling salesperson, a well-planned day may net you four meetings (if you planned your physical travels with perfect accuracy and managed to avoid any speed bumps along the way). But with video conferencing as a notch in your communication tool belt, you can have shorter, more to-the-point meetings, conduct immediate follow-ups and save those traveling costs for special occasions. Learning to leverage the latest meeting technology is definitely an art, but with Lifesize, the learning curve might just be a little smoother. 

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