Video Conferencing Overview

Your company is growing, offices are expanding across the world and your employees are asking for flexible work schedules, online meeting tools and more modern and effective collaboration spaces. While you know video conferencing can help address these requests and create better communication and collaboration across dispersed sites, the idea of implementing it seems a bit overwhelming.

This page breaks down the basics of video conferencing — from where it all started, reasons it’s worth the investment and some tips and tricks on choosing the right video conferencing solution for your business’s unique needs.

Video conferencing by the numbers

  • 80% of executives say turning on video for internal communications is becoming the norm; 84% say the same for external meetings 1
  • 87% more people use video conferencing today than two years ago
  • 75% of remote workers experience increased productivity and an enhanced work-life balance
  • 64% of companies have video conferencing setups in small huddle rooms 2

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