What a difference a year makes! In January 2014, Lifesize was a hardware-centric company with a vision to remake ourselves as a SaaS provider, centering our product portfolio and road map around a cloud solution that was still in development. In May 2014, we launched Lifesize® Cloud, and the transformation began. Customer acceptance was tremendous, and feature requests rolled in. Every few weeks since the launch, we pushed a software update containing new functionality. Some releases have been big, but none have been on the scale of our final release of 2014. Today, Lifesize is excited to roll out our biggest wave of new capabilities of the year.

Check out our new Lifesize Cloud in Action video. With video at the core of everything we do, there’s really no better way to showcase how Lifesize Cloud delivers a connected experience.

So, what’s new in Lifesize Cloud?

Browser-Based Calls—Internet Explorer® users can now participate in calls from their web browser using Windows® 10 or Windows 11, in addition to Google Chrome™.  Safari® and Firefox® will become available in 2015.
Favorites—Both Mac® and Windowsusers can now create Favorites lists, allowing users to quickly call their most frequent contacts.
Chats—Mac and Windows users can also chat with one another, increasing real-time collaboration.

That’s not all!

Audio Calls—Lifesize® 220™ Series users can now place audio calls via local PBX using the Lifesize Phone, eliminating the need for a second audio conferencing phone in the meeting room.
Local Telephone Access Globally—Dial-in numbers for more than 40 countries worldwide, including Russia, Cyprus, and South Korea.
Enhanced Insights for Account Managers—The Web Console can now drill deeper into Lifesize usage company-wide, accessing call usage information for all users and rooms for no additional charge, which allows Lifesize users to import non-Cloud users easily, see usage dates and retrieve specific call information.

Pretty exciting stuff, right? Can you imagine what Lifesize Cloud might look like a year from now? We have some magnificent ideas and can’t wait to make them a reality. A year really does make a big difference.

Staying in Tune with What’s New

Lifesize Cloud is evolving rapidly, and we’re thrilled to have you on board. Be sure to check our Recent Updates and What’s New sections on our website to stay abreast of the new capabilities in each release.