Lifesize Offers Customers a Scalable, Reliable Global Video Network Powered by IBM Cloud’s Global SoftLayer Platform

Lifesize, a division of Logitech (NASDAQ:LOGI) (SIX:LOGN), today announced that its award-winning Lifesize® Cloud video conferencing service interface is now available in 15 languages, enabling even more collaboration for companies worldwide.

In order to address the multilingual needs of the global economy and keep pace with strong customer demand internationally, both the user interface for Lifesize Cloud and out-bound meeting invitation emails for guest calling are available in 15 of the most widely spoken languages worldwide: German, Italian, French, Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Polish, Japanese, Traditional Chinese (Taiwan), Simplified Chinese (China), Korean, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, and English.

“Nearly one third of our Lifesize Cloud customers are outside the United States, and we know that a global service needs to speak to its users in their native language,” said Craig Malloy, Lifesize founder and CEO. “That’s why we’re pleased to announce that in addition to English, Lifesize Cloud is now available in 14 more languages.”

“Lifesize Cloud allows our teams to communicate from anywhere and any device, without costly infrastructure investments, IT hassle or connectivity issues,” said Jose Luis Vega Pardo, Capsa Food infrastructure and security manager. “Having the Lifesize Cloud interface available in 15 languages will help us expand our collaboration beyond our English-speaking team members. We’ll be able to bring more people, in more sites and more departments, into the discussion, which will move our business forward faster.”

Key to Lifesize’s global strategy is IBM Cloud’s global SoftLayer infrastructure. SoftLayer has enabled Lifesize to expand its cloud service into more than 80 new countries. By leveraging SoftLayer data centers and points of presence (POPs) connected by a single private network, Lifesize Cloud delivers secure, low-latency video connections to its users worldwide. Bare metal and virtual servers, multiple power feeds, fiber links, backup generators and battery systems provide industry-leading reliability, and SoftLayer’s growing global footprint ensures easy future expansion to new markets. IBM Cloud has opened 13 new SoftLayer data centers over the last 10 months, with additional locations launching by the end of this year.

The backbone of Lifesize Cloud is its direct connectivity with over 20 global carriers, which means that any Lifesize Cloud user in the world on one of these carriers’ networks has a direct high-speed connection into its cloud service. This direct connection provides an exceptional video call experience because the call doesn’t hop between different network switches and providers, which could add delay and latency and diminish call quality.

Today’s update will continue to fuel the global adoption of the video SaaS offering and Lifesize® Icon™ family of connected room video conferencing systems. Lifesize Cloud brings simple, easy-to-use and scalable video communications to every person and every conference room across devices, applications, browsers and Lifesize endpoints.