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What is it?

Export a flow from one tenant and import it to another tenant. Importing an exported flow provides you with the flow’s design structure and definition, including placeholders for each of the configured inputs and entities. It does not provide you with the actual entity (such as a media prompt), but does include the universal unique identifier (UUID) for it. If that UUID exists on the importing tenant, as may be the case with child tenants inheriting objects, then the entity is added to the flow. If that UUID doesn’t exist on the importing tenant, then you can create it and update the flow accordingly. For example, you can export a flow from a parent tenant that includes media prompts, a sales queue, a reusable flow, and shared sales disposition and reason lists.

  • If you’re importing to a child tenant, then the shared items (reusable flow, sales disposition and reason lists) are in the imported flow, but you still need to select or configure different options for the media prompts and queue.
  • If you’re importing to an unrelated tenant that wouldn’t inherit any items, then you need to select or configure different options for all of those input values.

The flow designer palette has been updated to include two new icons:

  1. Export: Available in either view or edit mode, Export extracts the definition of the flow to a file saved to your computer, which can later be imported to any tenant. The file includes the names of all included entities (media, queues, lists, etc.) as well as the name and the ID of the tenant(s) that created them.
  2. Import: Available only in edit mode, Import allows you to browse your computer and select the file that contains the new flow’s definition. Flow validates the file and presents messaging for the missing entities that need to be fixed manually.

Key Benefit(s)

Saves time by removing the need to create and design the same flow on more than one tenant and can be used regardless of your tenant’s environment.

Good to Know

  • If you’re exporting a flow that invokes a reusable flow, such as the one that uses Queue with Flow, export/import the reusable flow(s) first so that they are available on the importing tenant when importing the main flow.
  • A flow that includes the “Script” notation cannot be exported or imported.