We’ve trumpeted the benefits of flexible work environments for a long time — whether it be the meeting space, the technology being used to bring people together or anything else that encourages open collaboration — and it’s nice to come across organizations that support the same cause we do. In this episode of Lifesize Live! Matt Glazer, the Director of Community at WeWork, talks about the coworking industry and how his organization in particular has seen exponential growth over the past few years.

We all work differently. Some people thrive in quiet spaces; others need open, frenetic environments to think out loud. Because there is no right or wrong way to work, WeWork provides companies with flexible meeting spaces and support for every type of organization and employee.

With a mission to support small businesses and entrepreneurial spirits, WeWork not only provides organizations with flexible meeting spaces, they also constantly seek out local businesses to team up with. In their five local Austin offices, WeWork stocks locally sourced bottled waters and coffees for their community. They also sponsor an award ceremony called the Creator Awards, where they recognize innovative projects and entrepreneurial small business passions that they have funded.

When it comes to global organizations like WeWork and Lifesize, the presence and relationships we have with small and local businesses is what makes us who we are. Not only is it important to support those smaller, local organizations around us, but it’s just as important to curate and encourage that innovative passion and larger-than-life attitude that comes with these companies.

For more information about how you can reserve a meeting room at WeWork, head over to their website.