As more companies promote a collaborative work culture and embrace the open office concept, it’s a great idea to assess what your meeting room names are conveying about your company’s brand and values. If you simply settle for names like “Conference Room 5A,” you may be indicating to employees, customers and partners that the meetings that take place within are equally generic and boring. Deciding on creative meeting room names that match the tone of an office environment is becoming a common approach to creating a cohesive company culture and a positive work environment. To ensure teams are getting the most out of these newly established meeting rooms, reliable video conference software and hardware is also important. Lifesize offers both. Use our guide to come up with a thoughtful meeting room naming system that reflects your company’s brand and values.

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5 Company Meeting Room Names to Inspire You 

Industry leading brands know the meaning of a name. It can make or break a company and speaks volumes about the company’s core values and identity. Here’s a list of creative meeting room names to inspire you.  As you read through the list, examine why you think they chose that theme and what their meeting room names say about their company.

1. Facebook

In every Facebook office, employees vote on the conference room names in their immediate area. They have come up with some of the most creative and humorous names in the tech industry. Facebook’s New York City meeting rooms give a nod to iconic late-night infomercial products.

  • Snuggie
  • Shake Weight
  • Thighmaster

2.  BuzzFeed

“BuzzFeed is loud — it’s not subtle,” says Chris Rushing, BuzzFeed senior art director. Their meeting room names directly reflect that statement. Each floor has uniquely – themed meeting room names, including a floor of emojis.


3. Mozilla

The organization that powers the popular web browser Firefox fittingly named their meeting rooms after famous memes and internet slang. 

  • LOL
  • Icanhascheezburger
  • Fail

4. Etsy

Etsy is another company that wasn’t afraid to have a little fun naming their meeting rooms. They got creative by providing each room with a food/musician mashup.

  • Bon Bon Jovi
  • The Rolling Scones
  • Fleetwood Mac ‘n’ Cheese

5. Lifesize

Because Lifesize is an Austin, TX based company, we named our meeting rooms after local Austin breweries. When we recently upgraded one of our conference rooms with the new 4K Lifesize Icon 700, we renamed the conference room using our DIY conference room random name generator (pulling a local beer out of a cooler).  Of course, we had to throw a meeting room naming party to celebrate the newly renamed 4K enabled conference room.

  • Buckethead IPA
  • Zilker Brewing Company
  • Peacemaker

Why Meeting Room Names Matter

Meeting room names not only add a unique personality to your workplace, but they help foster a positive and creative work environment. The best meeting room names reflect the values of the company and set the tone for the workplace. And, best of all, naming your meeting rooms is free and an easy way to add a little fun to your office space. 

They Express Company Culture

In today’s competitive job market, more companies are striving to make their culture more appealing and differentiated to attract top talent. Meeting room names and themes are a great way to communicate and reinforce your company’s unique culture to job seekers, employees, partners, customers and all who join the meeting. 

They Help Set the Mood for Meetings

Meeting room names are a small detail in any office environment, yet they get repeated dozens of times a day and set the tone for the meetings. A creative meeting room name is more likely to lead to the flow of creative ideas and foster a more productive meeting experience. 

They Provide an Ice Breaker for Clients

Meeting new clients and winning their business is one of the major challenges for growing businesses. Inviting your new prospects to a conference room with an unusual name is a great way to kick off a conversation and an opportunity to showcase your company’s culture and values. Instead of being invited to “Meeting Room 2,” imagine walking into “Fighting Chuck Norris.” Questions about the unique conference room name makes for an easy and lighthearted conversation starter. 

They Highlight a Room’s Purpose 

Meeting room names are not only fun and inspiring, but they can be practical as well. The names may highlight the room’s purpose or function. Larger conference rooms or boardrooms may have more grand names, while small huddle rooms may have names that imply smaller group collaboration.  For example, if you’re an outdoor recreation company like REI, you may name your larger conference rooms after mountain ranges and your smaller meeting rooms after local campsites. The décor and images in the meeting room will help reinforce the theme and purpose of the room as well.

How to Pick the Perfect Meeting Room Name

Before naming your meeting rooms, remember that both employees and clients will be invited to these spaces, whether in person or via a video conference call, and the names should be a positive reflection of your company’s culture and values.  Choose meeting room names that all have a common underlying theme, are simple enough that even guests can understand them and positively express your brand’s personality. Finally, remember to make sure your theme is scalable. As your company grows, you will need to add more meeting spaces using the same meeting room naming system.

1. Examine Your Company’s Values

Write down a list of descriptive words and phrases that define your company’s values.  Narrow down the list and eliminate the ones that seem odd or may have negative connotations until you find the theme that best matches your company’s brand and values. 

2. Decide What Image You Want to Project

Names give us visual images that we will remember. Think about what sets you apart as a company and keeps your clients coming back. A great meeting room name can help reinforce the positive aspects of your company and remind clients why they chose to do business with your company as well as create a positive work environment for employees. 

3. Look at Where You’ve Come from — and Where You’re Going

Meeting room names can pay homage to your humble beginnings as well as be aspirational to help reinforce your company’s ultimate goals. Coming up with a theme that covers a company’s past, driving force and future goals gives employees and customers a personal connection to your company’s history and keeps your business’s mission and goals top of mind.   

4. Conduct an Office Poll

Involving the whole office in determining what theme meeting room names should have is a great team-building exercise that fosters camaraderie and lets employees feel like they have a personal investment in the company.  Host a brainstorming meeting or take employee submissions to get a large pool of ideas. Once you’ve narrowed down the list of potential themes, see which names employees respond favorably to by polling the office. To make the naming process even more fun, you can offer a reward or small bonus for the employee who comes up with the winning theme. 

5. Check Out the Competition

Coming up with the perfect naming system or theme for your meeting rooms that perfectly encapsulates your brand can be overwhelming. Look to other companies in your industry and well-established brands for a little inspiration. Below, we have provided some of our favorite meeting room names from global companies.

Three solutions to equip your newly established meeting rooms

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Naming your meeting rooms may seem like a small detail, but it speaks volumes about your company’s brand and culture. The names get repeated multiple times a day and may be the very first interaction a potential client or employee has with your company. The meeting room name sets the tone, while the smooth meetings powered by Lifesize video conferencing solutions make the meetings effortless. Together you get a productive meeting experience that lets you present your business in the best light possible.