Announced on May 21, 2014, Lifesize Cloud is the only video solution on the market that delivers a connected experience to desktops, mobile devices and especially conference rooms. Since we launched in May, there have been a number of feature enhancements that we’ve added to make this offering even better for our customers. We’d like to share those features with you in today’s blog post:

What’s New?

1. In our most recent release this week, users can now experience the most vivid, realistic video quality on the market with up to 720p60 group video calls on Lifesize Icon room video systems!

2. Everyone can now view and subscribe to Lifesize Cloud status updates and update their own user profile.

3. Account Managers now have the ability to change their email address in the Web Console, which gives companies the ability to change account managers quickly and easily.

4. Account Managers can also now centrally manage all their registered video systems via the Web Console.

5. Windows app users can now: invite a guest; join a meeting as a guest; and add, edit and delete meetings. They can also see the number of participants in their call.

6. Mac app users can now: add, edit and delete personal contacts in their directory.

7. We also made sure that .NET v4.5.1 was installed before the Lifesize Cloud app on Windows laptops, which provides a simplified installation experience.

In line with our history of innovation, Lifesize will continue to improve on our Cloud solution to make sure it’s the best it can be for businesses of all sizes. If you want to read more about our recent updates, check out What’s New and Recent Updates.