Lifesize for Microsoft Teams Integration

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Microsoft Teams is the next evolution of communication within the Microsoft Office 365® platform, and the Lifesize integration seamlessly makes it even better with unmatched video conferencing technologies from within the Teams app.

One of the major benefits for companies that standardize on Microsoft applications for everything from email exchanging to word processing is the streamlined workflow and interoperability of programs. The Lifesize integration with Microsoft Teams adds extraordinary video conferencing inside and outside your organization from within the Teams application. The familiar workflow makes it easy to create, schedule and join calls. Even if people outside your organization don’t use Microsoft Teams, they can connect to Lifesize meetings effortlessly using their web browsers or any video conferencing system. The Lifesize integration boosts adoption of Microsoft Teams and empowers employees to be more effective and engaging by combining industry-leading video conferencing from Lifesize with the best elements of Microsoft Teams. Together you get an extraordinary collaboration tool that is the best of both worlds.

Advantages of Adding Lifesize to Microsoft Teams

  • Use the same workflow you’re familiar with for scheduling and joining meetings from the Microsoft Teams app
  • Join Lifesize meetings with a single click from the meetings tab in the Microsoft Teams app
  • Use chat commands to instantly create and join Lifesize meetings from the chat interface in Microsoft Teams
  • Enable Lifesize for Microsoft Teams in specific channels or all of your Microsoft Teams channels
  • Meetings created via Lifesize make it easy for customers and partners to join meetings
  • Increase the adoption rate and improve user experience in the Microsoft environment with best-in-class video and audio call quality and interoperability

Easy Implementation

Lifesize integration with Microsoft Teams allows for a smooth implementation and works with the user experience you are already familiar with, making it easy for users and IT. Administrators can enable access to the Lifesize integration for their entire organization or install in specific teams. View our helpful guide to get started. Once the administrator adds Lifesize to their Microsoft tenant catalog, anyone from your organization can easily add the Lifesize app to their team’s channel with just a few clicks. Simply search for Lifesize in the app store, select the team you want Lifesize added to, click “install” and then “set up” the Lifesize bot. Now you’re ready to create, join and schedule meetings within the Microsoft Teams app.

Installing the Lifesize Teams integration with simple setup process

Seamless Integration

By adding Lifesize to your Microsoft Teams channel, you get industry-leading video communication capabilities combined with a robust collaboration tool and, best of all, there is nothing new to learn. The enhanced Microsoft Teams environment makes scheduling and joining meetings effortless.

Schedule a Meeting

Since Lifesize is fully integrated with Microsoft Teams’ scheduling tool, you will already be familiar with the process. Select “meetings” on the left navigation bar and then select “schedule a meeting.” Add your title, location and time for the meeting just like you would for any meeting. Schedule a one-time meeting or select “repeat” for recurring meetings.

Scheduling a meeting with the Lifesize Microsoft Teams integration

If you select a channel that has the Lifesize app installed, the Lifesize meeting link will automatically be added to the description. You can connect over video using the generated link or, if you have Lifesize conference room systems integrated with your calendar, you can see which ones are available during your meeting time and reserve a room. The selected room will automatically be added to the meeting invitation as well.

Lifesize Teams integration adding a Lifesize conference room to your meeting invite

Single-Click Joining of Meetings

Easily join meetings with a single click from the meetings tab in Microsoft Teams. Once a meeting is scheduled you can click the meetings tab and quickly connect over video from the Lifesize link that’s in the meeting invitation.

Access your meeting schedule within the Microsoft Teams app

Additionally, five minutes before your meeting starts, our chatbot sends you a reminder in Microsoft Teams along with a “Join now” link. One tap of the link, and you are brought into the Lifesize experience to select your camera and audio settings and join the call.

Meeting reminders with the Lifesize Microsoft Teams integration

Using the Lifesize Chatbot

Another intuitive feature of the Lifesize integration with Microsoft Teams is the use of a chatbot. In addition to providing meeting reminders with single-click “Join now” links, you can use the Lifesize chatbot for starting an instant meeting or getting help.  By typing “@Lifesize start” in a Lifesize enabled channel you can instantly start a video meeting. The chatbot will respond with a “Join now” clickable link.

To see all available chatbot commands, type “@Lifesize help” in a Lifesize-enabled channel. The chatbot replies with an overview of chatbot commands.

Initiating a video call with the Lifesize Microsoft Teams integration chatbot

Connecting with Outside Vendors

The combination of Microsoft Teams and Lifesize is great for internal collaboration, but you can also easily communicate with customers, partners and suppliers wherever they are.  Even if a vendor does not have Microsoft Teams, they can easily connect to a Lifesize meeting using their web browser or any video conferencing system.

Exceptional Meeting Experience

However people want to meet, Lifesize is there. From formal scheduled meetings to everyday internal communication within your office or around the globe, Lifesize offers superior flexibility to unify your existing Microsoft Teams environment.  As a company built around a cloud-based service, smart conference room devices and standards-based interoperability, Lifesize extends the usability of the Microsoft Teams environment with the best-in-class quality of the Lifesize App, Lifesize® Icon™ conference room camera and Lifesize® Phone™ HD touchscreen conference phone.

Lifesize fits perfectly into your organization and easily integrates with the Microsoft tools you use every day. In addition to Microsoft Teams, Lifesize also offers integrations for Microsoft Outlook®, Microsoft conference room calendaring, Skype for Business and Microsoft browsers. Schedule a demo to see the integrations in action.