Coming Soon: Lifesize for Microsoft Teams Integration

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Microsoft Teams is the next evolution of communication within the Microsoft Office 365® platform. Lifesize will introduce a new integration with Microsoft Teams that fits into a user’s existing workflow while opening up advanced communication and collaboration technologies from Lifesize.

Companies that have standardized on Microsoft applications use them for everything from email exchanging to word processing, so our integrations are designed to fit within that workflow while opening up more advanced communication and collaboration technologies. Lifesize makes Microsoft Teams better for users who will be able to create, schedule and join Lifesize meetings directly from the Microsoft Teams desktop app. Not only do Microsoft Teams users benefit from a streamlined workflow that enhances collaboration, but they also get an exceptional meeting experience through the open standards-based interoperability and exceptional quality video meeting service from Lifesize.

Highlights of the Lifesize for Microsoft Teams integration:  

  • Use the same workflow you’re familiar with for scheduling and joining meetings from the Microsoft Teams app
  • Join Lifesize meetings with a single click from the Meetings tab in the Microsoft Teams app
  • Use chat commands to instantly create and join Lifesize meetings from the chat interface in Microsoft Teams
  • Enable Lifesize for Microsoft Teams in specific channels or all of your Microsoft Teams channels

As a company built around a cloud-based service, smart conference room devices and standards-based interoperability, Lifesize will extend the usability of the Lifesize® Icon™ conference room camera and Lifesize® Phone™ HD touchscreen conference phone into the Microsoft Teams environment, eliminating the need for complicated setups and multiple cameras and tools. Integration availability is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2018.

However people want to meet… Lifesize is there. From formal scheduled meetings to everyday internal communication within your offices or around the globe, Lifesize offers superior flexibility to unify with your existing tools and environment while providing best-in-class audio and video quality.

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