Video conferencing is essential to day-to-day business operations nowadays. Lifesize’s Connect Plus+ allows you to connect with multiple video conferencing apps from one device.

In a marketplace saturated with cloud-based video conferencing solutions, how do you determine which solution offers you the flexibility and customization needed for your business?

In this article with UC Today, Lifesize sat down with key players in the VCaaS space to discuss:

  • How video conferencing can improve productivity and communication whether your personnel are in-person, hybrid, or remote.
  • How offering cloud-based video conferencing can lead to connecting with customers and creating a more human-focused customer experience.
  • How Lifesize’s Connect Plus+ allows for true interoperability between third-party meeting solutions, allowing companies to use their existing Lifesize hardware solutions to access multiple video conferencing apps seamlessly.

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  • Starling Bank’s Business Thrives with Lifesize Video Conferencing
    • As a bank without any physical branches, Starling depends exclusively on its technology. Video conferencing has played a major part in this. But as Starling’s Head of Workplace Technology, Joe Steele, explains, video communication had been a bit of hit-and-miss at the company in the past. There had been situations where shadow IT purchasing reared its ugly head and Starling therefore needed a single, unified video conferencing supplier.
  • The Human Enterprise: Evolving Video Tools for Modern Work
    • Video conferencing that is simply serviceable, or rigid and unevolving, is no longer a viable option to support modern, hybrid work. Likewise, consumer-grade applications that are over-featured do not serve all use cases that have emerged. Building a thriving Human Enterprise in the coming years hinges on video communication continuously improving upon the pillars of fidelity and reliability, ease of use, accessibility, and security and compliance — ultimately finding a better way to support the humans behind modern work.
  • Kalispell Regional Healthcare Delivers Critical Telehealth Services with Lifesize
    • Providing healthcare services to patients in a large, rural area creates unique accessibility challenges. Montana is the fourth largest state in the U.S. by square mileage, and some patients have to drive 600 miles to reach a KRH specialist. Additionally, patients who develop healthcare needs while visiting the area often want to continue follow-up care with the physician they initially saw. KRH needed an easy-to-use solution to connect providers with rural and out-of-town patients, who may have limited internet access or limited mobility due to health conditions, as well as a secure and flexible way to communicate between the regional healthcare center in Kalispell with clinics throughout the state.