Q&A: Lifesize's CEO on the Logitech Deal

Nov 12, 2009

InternetNews.com | David Needle

Forbes runs a series of articles called, "The Big Deal," in which they ask business leaders about their biggest deals. Excerpts follow from Lee Gomes' interview with Logitech Chief Executive Gerald Quindlen on his "Big Deal."

"Last November we announced a large acquisition, our largest ever. A company called Lifesize Communications; it's based in Austin, Texas, and it's a video conferencing company. It was about a $400 million all-cash deal, which by an order of magnitude was the biggest that Logitech had ever done."

Later Quindlen continues, "We believed that we had a pretty bold vision about where video communication was going. We weren't looking to simply add incrementally to the business we already had--where we dominate PC-to-PC calling with webcams."