Video Conferencing Reset: The Consumerization of Video Conferencing

Oct 7, 2013 | Andy McCaskey

Several weeks ago, I was part of a Tech Day at Lifesize, A Division of Logitech in Austin, TX – along with a number of industry analysts and bloggers. The event was designed to educate specialsts with their own perspectives on video, enterprise level IT management, unified communications, medical, and education. For a day and a half, we were briefed by marketing and tech teams from Lifesize - with a full factory tour and opportunity to talk with specialists and management at a number of levels. One of the participants with a unique perspective is Jon Arnold, of Jon Arnold Associates of Toronto. In this episode of SDRNews Live, we talk about Jon’s recent article at Unified Communications Strategies: Today’s Videoconferencing Landscape – Connectivity vs. Collaboration.