Survey: Video Conferencing Improves Productivity, Relationship

Jul 5, 2016

The Conferencing Zone | Andrew Bindelglass

A recent survey from LifeSize underscored the incredible positive impact that video conferencing can have on businesses, particularly those whose employees are spread out across large areas. Survey respondents reported that their conversations are much more fruitful when carried out over video chat than text-based messaging or even voice calling.

An astounding 99.2 percent of those in the survey reported that the use of video chatting helped them build stronger relationships, both with fellow employees within their company and with individuals outside of their organization. An almost equally large percentage (91.7 percent), found that they were better able to articulate their message when they were able to communicate face to face via video chat than any other method of communication. The result? Over three quarters of the survey’s respondents found that the use of video conferencing services “increased their productivity and enhanced their work-life balance.”