The drivers of cloud video conferencing

Oct 21, 2016

IT Pro Portal | Michael Helmbrecht

Video conferencing has emerged as essential to many companies’ communication and collaboration strategies. Once a bastion of the executive board room, the cost, ease of use, flexibility and scalability of video conferencing opens the door to a wide range of new use models that meet the needs of today’s dynamic work environments. Perhaps most significant is the shift to a cloud-based approach to video conferencing solutions. This dramatically decreases the time to deployment, management efforts and cost for both IT departments and end users. 

They are now able to fully use these services to get maximum productivity and collaboration. And, cloud-based video conferencing is ideally suited for today’s mobile and dispersed work force, who can use video conferencing virtually anywhere and across any platform - desktop, laptop, mobile device - and also integrate it seamlessly with their other productivity and collaboration tools and processes.