2017 In Collaboration Tech: Cloud, Convergence And Consumerization

Jan 20, 2017

Channel Partners Online | Craig Malloy

As your customers’ workforces become more global, collaboration technologies are even more essential to business operations. Rushing to capitalize on this, new vendors are launching technologies in hopes of taking a piece of the pie. The collaboration space is a rapidly changing one and will only become more chaotic before it settles down.

Here’s what I expect from the collaboration market in 2017:

  • Goodbye, On-Prem: In 2013, conferencing through the cloud was an early-adopter trend. Today, it’s the cornerstone of collaboration technologies for most businesses. On-premises deployments are dying, and we can thank Microsoft for hammering the last nail in the coffin. In the last couple of years, the company has systematically converted on-premises Exchange customers to Office365 and Skype for Business, showing the world that mission-critical tools can be run in the cloud.