Customer Success: A Dash of Data and a Pinch of People

Mar 21, 2017

Customerzone360 | Amy Downs

Data has become the secret sauce for most companies. Businesses now recognize that data drives product development, marketing and sales decisions. Most companies, however, have yet to tap into a key way in which data can support their businesses long term by driving Customer Success.

In my previous article, I shared my experience from an executive boardroom meeting where I started my journey with the Lifesize Customer Success program. In the beginning, I asked my team a simple question, “Why do you think our customers leave us?” At that point, most of us had, at best, a vague understanding of what was pushing our customers to the door. But over the next few months, the reasons became clearer…with data.

Let’s explore where data plays the biggest role in Customer Success, and also where it will require a helping hand from your team.