Blog Comp 2017: Battling Bandwidth: Achieve HD Quality Video Collaboration

Sep 14, 2017

CommsTrader | Bobby Beckmann

Battling Bandwidth: Optimise your Network and Achieve HD Quality Video Collaboration

When it comes to efficient, productivity-oriented communication and collaboration, there is no question that video conferencing is an outstanding option, if not the best (besides in person interaction, of course). Long perceived as a bastion of the corporate boardroom, video conferencing has now evolved to be an accessible tool, easily used by anyone in the work force, regardless of location, platform or job function. Thanks to cloud-based solutions, video conferencing is now a very straight forward proposition from a deployment, management and user standpoint.

The quality, simplicity and manageability of video conferencing, combined with wide availability and lower costs of HD displays and IP networks, promises far greater usage and value than the staid video conferencing of old.