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Lifesize Streaming and Recording Guide

Meeting face to face far exceeds the effect of an audio conference or email thread. We multitask during audio conferences and we delete emails, but we listen more actively and retain more information when we connect face to face. And while video conferencing has always been a great meeting collaboration tool, its ability to scale to ultra-large audiences has always been a challenge ??? both in terms of network requirements and, well, scheduling.

When the message needs to be heard by the entire company or captured for later use, you need to look for a video solution with the ability to stream, record and share your video calls with large audiences.

In this guide, we???ll take a look at some of the ways that video streaming and recording will forever change the way you work, including:

  • Recruiting and training the best of the best
  • Enhancing video knowledge sharing
  • Extending the message to everyone
  • Overcoming time zone constraints
  • Keeping a full record for safekeeping
  • Utilizing recording for more than just meetings