Federal Government

For federal government agencies and institutions, reliable, secure and efficient communications can literally save lives.

Reducing the need to travel to unsafe or unreachable areas is crucial, as is simple communication between departments and in the field.

We invite you to explore how our video conferencing solution for the federal government, from Lifesize, can help you drive operational efficiency through secure global collaboration. Read more about the Lifesize solutions that will help you achieve your agency goals.

How Lifesize Helps Federal Government

  • Global Collaboration

    Government agencies stretch far beyond their home territories; most have numerous domestic or even international offices. Lifesize video conferencing solutions let government agencies connect disparate offices securely, helping them collaborate and update one another in real time through secure HD video communications and data sharing.

  • Operational Efficiency

    Today more than ever, government agencies are expected to perform their duties in the midst of natural disasters, technological disruptions, pandemics and more. When an in-person meeting is not an option, Lifesize video conferencing solutions ensure that lines of communication within and across government agencies remain open with video connections and secure file sharing, even when phone lines may be down or unsafe.

  • Secure Communications

    Federal government agencies around the world can be assured that Lifesize video conferencing products meet rigorous US government security, interoperability and performance requirements.

    Lifesize HD video conferencing solutions are used daily for real-time video conferencing and recording/playback across the international government community, including the US Department of Defense, all branches of the US military and multiple federal civilian agencies and departments.

  • Interoperable and Flexible Solutions

    Because Lifesize offers options that are interoperable with other standard industry solutions and can be accessed on the desktop, tablet or mobile device, agency personnel can maintain operations anywhere—from their meeting rooms to their home offices.

  • Commitment to Standards and Security

    Lifesize is committed to delivering video communication solutions that meet the strict security requirements of government agencies while conforming to open standards and interoperability requirements for video, audio and data collaboration and communications.

    In addition to supporting the most current standards, all Lifesize systems support earlier standards to ensure backward compatibility with your existing communications infrastructure and minimize required investments.

Secure Technology

Lifesize technical capabilities include:

  • H.235 AES—Advanced Encryption Standards strict compliance
  • IPv6—Internet layer protocol for interoperability on government agency networks
  • Admin- and user-level passwords
  • Ability to disable HTTP, SSH and Telnet services
  • TLS/SRTP support
  • IEEE 802.1x support
  • Kensington Security Slot

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