State and Local Government

Secure, reliable and cost-efficient communication in local government agencies can literally change the way an entire community functions.

State and local government video conferencing solutions from Lifesize improve response times by connecting office workers with their colleagues in the field.

We invite you to explore how video conferencing from Lifesize can help you drive efficiency through secure global collaboration. Read more about the Lifesize solutions that will help you achieve your goals.

How Lifesize Helps State and Local Government

  • Collaboration Made Simple

    Video conferencing used to be reserved for federal government departments with larger budgets. With Lifesize HD video conferencing services, that same technology is at work at the state and local levels. Lifesize saves local governments money by reducing travel while increasing interoffice training and education, multiorganization coordination and community outreach programs. By providing government workers the outreach they need via HD video on computers, tablets and even smartphones, Lifesize is bringing the public closer to those who serve them.

  • Engage in Real Time

    First responders and public safety agencies are always looking for ways to improve response times and maintain communication in critical situations. Mobile video conferencing solutions offered by Lifesize allow emergency personnel in the field to assess situations and report back to headquarters in real time from their smartphones, tablets or laptops. Lifesize improves emergency management, response training and central command communications when the public needs it most.

  • Secure Communications

    State and local governments feel safe using Lifesize due to the company’s relentless focus on security. Lifesize products meet rigorous government security, interoperability and performance requirements.

  • Operational Efficiency

    Local and state agencies are expected to perform their duties even during disasters—and thanks to Lifesize, they can. Lifesize's state and local government video conferencing solutions ensure that lines of communication within and across agencies—and even with the federal government—remain open even when phone lines may be down or unsafe. Lifesize video conferencing software offers secure, face-to-face communications on computers or mobile devices when a live meeting may be impossible.

Secure Technology

Lifesize technical capabilities include:

  • H.235 AES—Advanced Encryption Standards strict compliance
  • IPv6—Internet layer protocol for interoperability on government agency networks
  • Admin- and user-level passwords
  • Ability to disable HTTP, SSH and Telnet services
  • TLS/SRTP support
  • IEEE 802.1x support
  • Kensington Security Slot

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