Own Your Meeting Agenda

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Before you reserve a room and send out your meeting invites, consider the outcomes you’re expecting from the meeting. Effective meetings are the product of good leadership, and good leaders come to the meeting knowing exactly what they need to discuss—and discuss only that.


According to an Infocom study on Meetings in America, 73% of people view having an agenda as a critical element to their meeting productivity, but only 63% of meetings actually include them.

Create an agenda and send it out with your meeting request. The agenda gives the meeting structure and sets the tone for the discussion. It also gives others time to prepare their contributions and keeps the conversation on track and relevant.

An agenda can be as simple as a list of topics and as complex as a full, down-to-the-minute time line. Copy the meeting agenda template below and paste it into the body of your next meeting invite and be sure to check out our guide on How to Own Your Meetings for more tips on leading great meetings.