Enhancements to CxEngage platform and integrations with industry-leading applications improve automation and intelligence, agent productivity, workforce optimization and reporting

Lifesizea global innovator of immersive enterprise communication solutions, today announced a bevy of new features and integrations for the Lifesize CxEngage contact center-as-a-service (CCaaS) platform. Ranging from conversational AI to reporting capabilities, these enhancements enable contact center agents to be more effective in their work and result in more seamless omnichannel customer experiences.

“We constantly innovate our CxEngage cloud platform and integrated application ecosystem to meet the complex demands of today’s contact centers,” said Andy Bird, director of product management for contact center solutions at Lifesize. “Everything that exists within CxEngage is tailored to make agents more productive, deliver winning customer outcomes and help contact centers operate like well-oiled machines.”

Injecting Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Self-Service

New marquee integrations that bring automation and AI to the pre-call, routing, mid-call and post-call phases of an agent’s customer interaction include:

  • AutoReach: A newly integrated intelligent dialer helps sales or other outbound teams reach their customers sooner and more reliably via preview dialing and progressive dialing.
  • Observe.AI: The combination of voice AI and machine learning transcribes calls, creates opportunities to evaluate and coach agents, and condenses the quality assurance process, all of which positively impacts the customer experience over time.
  • Omilia: An AI-powered virtual assistant that focuses on customer care tasks, maximizing automation and self-service can route customers to the proper agent, thus improving customer experience, decreasing the number of misrouted calls and contributing to cost savings.
  • Zappix: Using a visual interactive voice response (IVR) system that’s optimized for mobile, traditional phone and voice calls into CxEngage-powered contact centers are converted to digital self-service resolution scenarios, thus lowering average handle time (AHT), raising first call resolution rates and leaving agents available to address more complex customer requests.

Boosting Agent Productivity Across Channels

A blend of fresh features and integrations allows agents to address and resolve customer calls more efficiently across modern channels.

  • Chat enhancements: Proactive chat – initiated by a contact center while a customer is browsing a brand’s website, for example – and the ability for agents to chat via MMS increases opportunities to interact with customers on their preferred mobile and online channels.
  • WhatsApp support: The capability for agents to send and receive a variety of media – text, photos, videos, voice, documents and location – directly from their CxEngage dashboard lets them connect with customers in real time through one of the world’s most popular communication apps.
  • Salesforce integration expansion: Extension of CxEngage’s deep pre-built integration with Salesforce enables a Salesforce work item to be routed as a request to the contact center, bringing the contact center and CRM closer than ever through an embedded agent interface.
  • Ivinex: An integration that generates custom interfaces and serves scripting to guide agents through everything from taking an order to recommending product alternatives or upselling, thus resolving issues more quickly and allowing agents to be more productive.

Upgrading Workforce Optimization, Quality Management and Reporting

Regardless of where agents are working from – remotely or a physical call center – workforce optimization (WFO), quality management and measurement of efficacy can all be maintained with new functionality and integrations.

  • Language localization: With 10 additional languages for the CxEngage agent dashboard (making 18 supported in total), contact centers can scale their workforces and businesses even more globally.
  • CallMiner: An expanded integration now including sentiment analysis of recordings improves quality management analytics to ensure customers receive the best possible experience on every call.
  • Screen recording and email transcripts: Further improve quality management through email transcripts of calls as well as multi-screen recording, preserving the entire agent interaction in a single artifact.
  • Plecto: A new integration delivers real-time, automatic, centralized reporting and visualization of KPIs from not only CxEngage, but more than 50 other integrated platforms, apps and services.

To learn more about the Lifesize CxEngage platform, capabilities and integrations, visit: https://www.lifesize.com/cxengage.

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