Video Conferencing for Financial Institutions, Banking and Financial Services

Build trusted relationships with clients, colleagues and partners while saving time and money.

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Enhance client service

Strengthen client relationships with more meaningful face-to-face communication at every interaction.

Reduce travel burden

Travel burns time, budget and productivity. Video meetings and trainings improve your bottom line.

Offer more services to remote customers

Expand your reach and scale your service offerings with video consultations and appointments.

Communicate easily without security concerns

All Lifesize video streams are securely encrypted by default to exceed privacy requirements.

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Benefits of video conferencing for finance and banking professionals

Whether working with internal banking colleagues, advising external clients or training a team, video conferencing removes the burden of traveling while still empowering your teams with authentic, relationship-building, face-to-face conversations -- no conference room required. Lifesize 4K video conferencing features cost-effective, secure, cloud-based collaboration solutions that eliminate complex setup, manual updates and maintenance.

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Build more meaningful relationships

More than most industries, wealth management, banking and financial services revolve around establishing and maintaining trust. There’s no substitute for looking someone in the eyes while making some of life’s most critical decisions and business deals, so defaulting to high quality video-first communication to build personal relationships puts you on the path to long-lasting partnerships.

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Reduce travel time and expenses

The time and resources required to travel between branches or remote offices for internal meetings, professional trainings and client advisory sessions are costly and can quickly add up to hours of lost productivity. Financial institutions and financial service providers stand to save tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars every year by holding daily, weekly and monthly meetings over Lifesize video conferencing, keeping employees where they are and eliminating travel. Lifesize’s recording feature even allows important meetings or trainings to be captured for viewing on demand when it’s most convenient.

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Connect with remote clients and coworkers

Financial services companies and banks have to stay on top of financial policies, regulations and market-shifting events. It can be difficult to communicate important developments across dispersed, remote workforces. Similarly, clients want to hear from and make decisions with their trusted advisors immediately and often can’t drop by the office. With Lifesize video conferencing, information can be broadcasted and content can be shared to teams or clients in real time while also expanding the portfolio of services delivered and improving customer satisfaction.

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Communicate simply and securely

Cybersecurity has significant implications for financial institutions that need to maintain compliance and secure their customers’ sensitive financial data. While Lifesize video conferencing is easily deployed by IT, intuitive for every employee and simple for entire companies to adopt through mobile apps and cloud-based web services, it is also built for security. Lifesize deploys end-to-end encryption by default to protect video, audio, content, identities of participants and passwords, and our integration with leading single sign-on (SSO) providers keeps communication secure without taxing IT teams.

Why integrate Lifesize video conferencing?

Best-in-Class 4k Quality

The Lifesize Icon 700 is perfect for connecting with employees, investors, board members and partners located anywhere. Don’t settle for anything less than amazing.

Support for Sanctioned Devices and Browsers

Download the Lifesize app for all of your work-issued devices or connect from your browser with the Lifesize web app. All you need is a camera, network connection and the link to a meeting, and you’re ready to connect.

Global Network and Reliability

With data centers in every major geography, our industry-leading global cloud architecture helps you connect with teams around the world with 99.9% uptime.

Secure and Compliant Communication

Lifesize uses best-of-breed data centers with independent third-party security and privacy certifications to ensure the most secure and reliable foundation possible for our customers.

Tens of thousands of organizations around the world trust Lifesize

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