Video Conferencing for Financial Services

Financial institutions must constantly adjust to rapid changes in today’s global marketplace.

When you need to collaborate with your colleagues, associates and customers in real time about today’s market fluctuations, video calling solutions from Lifesize lets you do so simply, cost-effectively and without the need for travel.

We invite you to explore how video collaboration solutions from Lifesize will help you facilitate high-quality, real-time and engaging video communications. Read more about the best Lifesize video conference solutions that will help you achieve your business goals.

How Lifesize Helps Financial Services

  • Accelerate Communications

    Financial services companies have to stay on top of constantly changing financial policies and regulations. It can be difficult to communicate important policy changes across companies with dispersed, traveling workforces. With Lifesize HD video calling solutions, critical information can be broadcast to the entire team in real time, no matter when it happens or where your staff may be located. And to make sure everyone hears and understands the same important financial information, the communications can be recorded and archived for future playback.

  • Maximize Client Relationships

    Financial advisors have a personal connection with their clients, who rely on investment advice for help in achieving life goals. When a life event occurs or goals shift, clients want their advisors right there, ready to help them make decisions to maximize their investment potential. Lifesize HD video calling solutions enable advisors and clients to meet face to face, without the need for travel, over secure, intuitive and easy-to-use video platforms.

  • Collaborate with Remote Colleagues

    Video calling solutions from Lifesize let the remote offices and branches of financial services companies stay connected with one another and the main office with solutions that can be deployed anywhere on any device and on any platform. From mobile applications to cloud-based services, Lifesize offerings are easily deployed, intuitive to use and simple to adopt.

  • Reduce Travel

    Financial services companies and advisors pride themselves on client satisfaction and on building strong partner relationships. For financial advisors, that can mean a life spent on the road. Lifesize solutions let you virtually check in with clients and partners so that you can reduce travel and improve your bottom line while still cultivating and maintaining your global network.

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