Our partner, Amazon Web Services (AWS), was—once again—named the definitive leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Public Cloud Storage Services. In fact, an article on The Next Web even called AWS “the king of cloud Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) providers.”

To be recognized as a leader by analyst firms like Gartner is no small feat. We know that the assessment process for inclusion in the Magic Quadrants is exhaustive – with extensive product and company evaluations as well as customer interviews. We congratulate everyone at AWS on their hard work and on this commendable achievement! This is a major milestone for the company and affirmation of an exemplary product portfolio.

At Serenova, we strive to deliver leading products and services to our customers and offer a smart, powerful, and highly reliable contact center platform that puts our customers in command of the customer experience. We’re honored to be aligned with a forward-thinking partner whose devotion to innovation in the cloud computing space is evident, and validated by this outstanding placement in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant.

The Next Web article outlines very well why AWS is dominating the space and takes a look at what AWS offers its customers. It hits all the key reasons we selected AWS to run our CxEngage platform with one of the core reasons being that “AWS had more than 10 times the computing capacity in use than the next 14 largest cloud companies combined.” Simply put, AWS has broad global reach, scalability and reliability, which is critical to the CxEngage business model.

As I mentioned in my last blog on AWS, when we were developing CxEngage, we needed to carefully select a cloud vendor that would make the most sense. Since adopting AWS, we are confident we did just that – not just because of the placement in the Gartner Magic Quadrant but because of the innovative products and overall customer support they deliver. After all, being in the business of customer service ourselves, working with a vendor that offers seamless support, is top of our list. We look forward to our continued partnership. Congrats, again, to the AWS team!