The LiveOps Channel Partner Program: A Match Made In The Cloud

How many times in the past year have you raved about the business benefits of the cloud? Are you interested in helping IT decision makers take their organizations to the cloud? You’re not alone. According to a recent report by market intelligence firm IDC, the rapid evolution of cloud services along with growing awareness about their benefits has led to deployments by business managers as well as IT managers during 2012. It’s safe to say the days of “kicking the tires” on moving to the cloud are behind us. More and more, businesses are starting to realize the benefits of cloud solutions over on-premise solutions, including cost-effectiveness, faster roll-out times, scalability, reliability and security.

We’re starting to see this business shift take hold at LiveOps, as well. As a company that has been in the business of customer service for more than a decade, we have seen trends come and go. We believe cloud is the new standard alternative to costly on-premise products, which is why we introduced our cloud contact center – the LiveOps Platform –  years ago, and our Channel Partner Program earlier this year when I was graciously appointed SVP of Worldwide Cloud Application Sales.

We recently announced a great start to our Partner Program, as companies actively participating are experiencing early and ongoing success in delivering cloud contact center solutions to their customers. The number of queries we get from new partners who want to be a part of our network is astounding, as well as the sales activity those partners realize soon after joining us. These are simply proof points supporting our belief that cloud is here to stay.

We’re also seeing this increase in cloud adoption taking place in the industry. At Dreamforce last year, we heard the questions “What is a cloud contact center?” and “Why should I go to the cloud?” This year, the questions turned to “How quickly can I get started?” to “How do I migrate off prem?” to “My CIO is telling me I have to move—can you help me?”

It’s clear that companies are ready to make the transition. What’s even clearer are the benefits of joining our Partner Program, which is designed around two key principles:

  1. Empower our partners with the tools and support needed to succeed.
  2. Reward our partners for higher levels of revenue and commitment to LiveOps.

Through the program, partners can increase their bottom lines with monthly recurring revenue by leveraging LiveOps’ industry-leading cloud contact center technology along with sales support, marketing tools, training and more.

For more information on the LiveOps Channel Partner Program and how to become a partner, please visit We look forward to partnering with you in the cloud!

–          Vasili Triant, SVP of Cloud Application Sales, LiveOps