LiveOps Named OnDemand Top 100 Private Company for Third Consecutive Year

What major problem is your company trying to solve?

Is the market ready for you?

Are you gaining traction?

These were the questions buzzing around the networking launch party for OnDemand 2013 last night in Palo Alto. Each year, this two-day event draws some of the brightest minds and top entrepreneurs to discuss and debate current hot trends. I’m proud and honored to say that this is the third consecutive year that LiveOps has been invited to participate and be recognized with an AlwaysOn OnDemand 2013 Top 100 Private Company award.

By the way, LiveOps’ answer to all three questions is YES. And here’s why:

  1. Never before in the history of this 30-plus years customer service contact center industry have consumers been in control and demanding that brands engage them when, where and how the consumer wants.  Mobile devices provide access—anytime, anywhere—and social media is providing massive opportunities for consumers to gain information from other consumers. Information about products, services and brands, as well as the opportunity to influence each other about how, when, where and why they should or should not do business with a brand.
  2. The market is ready because consumers are demanding customer service the way they want it and the old, traditional on-premise call center solutions just can’t make the grade. They can’t keep up. Contact center decision makers have watched and waited as other departments wow their c-level executives with cost-efficient and productivity producing cloud solutions.  As the pricey maintenance fees for hardware and software licenses of on-prem technologies come up for renewal, the c-level executives are now giving the green light to the contact center to migrate to the cloud. For LiveOps, timing really is everything.
  3. Since the launch of LiveOps Engage, we have significantly shortened our sales cycle from the industry average of six to nine months, to 60-90 days. If there is one thing we’ve become really good at, it’s gaining traction. LiveOps’ rich history in providing agent services to the direct response industry has enabled us to create a highly scalable cloud platform that has proven that it can go big and scale. This proven scalability, coupled with the power of the cloud to enable globalization of operations, is allowing us to add new customers at unprecedented rates. In fact, we’ve recently had a surge of activity with global brands who have global contact center operations. Our global experience with customers like and Symantec, who have deployed multiple contact centers in a wide variety of countries on the LiveOps Platform, gives us a leg up on the power of cloud for globalization.

During the event, Scott Irwin, General Partner of Rembrandt Venture Partners, observed that when evaluating a disruptive technology, such as what is represented in this Top 100, it is important to look not only at whether it is a catalyst for change, but also if the market is timed to embrace the change.  LiveOps is the epitome of his observation: a cloud contact center solution, with a multichannel plus social and mobile agent desktop, that is poised to be the catalyst for change—that is so desperately needed—in the global, customer service industry.

–       Marty Beard, President & CEO, LiveOps