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What is it?

Configurable SLA by Queue is a custom stat that is configured within the Admin Configuration UI to generate both real-time and historical data. Users can configure SLA thresholds for queues, allowing queues to have their own specific SLA.  This is to further iterate on our initial configurable SLA delivery (in January), which was by tenant: Configurable SLA by Tenant.

After configuring SLAs, you can assign them to your tenant and the queues in your tenant. You can have multiple SLAs, but only one can be selected for your tenant default and each queue can only have one SLA assigned it to it. The same SLA can be assigned to multiple queues.

In addition to setting the SLA thresholds, you can specify how you want abandons to be treated within the SLA:

  • Exclude Abandons: Calls that are abandoned within the abandon threshold are excluded from the SLA calculation, or
  • Count Abandons Against SLA: If selected, abandons are counted as interactions that aren’t answered within the specified SLA threshold. In other words, abandoned interactions negatively impact the SLA.

Additional Information: 

  • If you don’t have a specific SLA selected for a queue, the tenant’s SLA is used.
  • You can create SLAs in the configuration interface in Statistics Management or via the REST API.
  • Interactions are calculated for SLA at the time that the interaction occurs.  If you change the SLA configuration, SLA isn’t recalculated for previous interactions.
  • If you assign an SLA to a queue, the update takes effect for new enqueuements only and not for interactions already in the queue.


  • Will configure and manage configurable SLAs.

Administrators and Supervisors: 

  • Will build and edit dashboards with configurable SLAs.
  • Will rely on SLAs to provide insights into how their contact centers are performing.


  • Will have access to real-time performance of SLAs via Skylight and Agent Toolbar.

For more information, refer to documentation.