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What is it?
The following new script standard reports are now available:

  • Script Detail: Shows script questions and the answers provided for each interaction.
  • Script Summary: Provides the number of times that every response was recorded for each script question.
  • Script Summary by Agent: Summarizes, by agent, the number of times that each response was recorded for the corresponding script question.
  • Script Time Detail: Lists and provides details for each instance that a script was used for the given date range.
  • Script Time Summary: Provides the script time statistics for each script in the selected tenants.
  • Script Time Summary by Agent: Lists agents and the amount of time that they spent working with each script.

Key Benefit(s)
Provides comprehensive script reporting. Get insights into scripts and the agents; see summary views of scripts/data collected, as well as view individual responses.

Good to Know
These reports are replacing the Script Transcript report. The Script Transcript report is being removed in this release.

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