Cloudy with a Chance of Pizza

Imagine phoning in a pizza order to a customer service agent who isn’t actually using a phone. How are they answering your call, you might ask. Via the cloud. That’s right. Next time you call in for pizza, you could be ordering pizza from the cloud, and we don’t mean a big, white fluffy one. We mean cloud computing. Your call is being put through to an agent using a web browser. You may not know it, but this enables call centers to go virtually hardware free, eliminating the need for the phone, plug-ins or software downloads. Sounds contradictory, doesn’t it? We like to call it game changing.

Back in May, LiveOps encouraged contact centers to hang up their phones for good with the LiveOps WebRTC Solution. WebRTC technology enables agents to simply log into their computer at home or at a brick-and-mortar location and start taking calls directly via a web browser. This replaces the need for datacenters, telephone systems, PCs and desktop phones. LiveOps’ vision is now a reality because Intuitive Solutions has brought WebRTC to life in the contact center.

At Intuitive Solutions we provide comprehensive managed contact center services to pizza franchisees, including MUY! Companies and their 200+ Pizza Hut restaurants. For these Pizza Hut locations across the United States, orders are being handled via a web phone; all agents need is a web browser to take calls from any location at any time. This has allowed us to expand our contact center with at-home agents and easily scale service up or down to handle seasonal business and spikes in customer service requests. For instance, during Super Bowl Sunday this year our call center operators were able to handle hundreds of orders in just 15 minutes. Without the scalability cloud contact center and WebRTC provides, we would have had thousands of hungry football fans on our hands as callers would have most likely gotten a busy signal or waited in queue for a long time. Not a situation anyone would want to be in.

We are now also able to free up on-site restaurant employees. They can focus on the walk-in customers while our agents handle incoming orders from afar. By equipping offsite, trained contact center agents with cloud technologies, such as WebRTC, MUY! Companies can expect to see consistent, high-quality customer service regardless of call volume.

Tune in to my video to find out more about our partnership with LiveOps and how you can hang up your contact center phones for good. The next time you order pizza, think of that lovely little cloud and the benefits it brings.

–          Tory Rutledge, COO, Intuitive Solutions

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