Nirvana—it’s been called complete peace or a safe, happy and quiet place. You may think it’s impossible to reach a state of peace and quiet happiness in a contact center. Daily activities can make it busy, loud and stressful. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Have you heard about CxEngage? It can bring nirvana to your contact center.

CxEngage is Serenova’s new Contact Center as a Service platform. Serenova called upon our 16 years of experience in the contact center space to design our next-generation platform to be simple, smart and agile so your resources can be dedicated to serving customers instead of managing technology. It is cloud based, which means it’s always on, instantly scalable and highly secure. And that means it can bring big benefits to your contact center. Benefits like:

– Reducing contact center deployment time from days to minutes because anyone can create tenants and build interactions without programming knowledge or getting the IT department involved.

– Enabling quick decision-making based on relevant and actionable data, including historical and real-time statistics, KPIs and analytics.

– Providing context to every engagement and increasing productivity because CxEngage can be embedded into your CRM or used as a standalone toolbar to allow interaction on every channel.

– Scaling and adapting no matter the size of your business or the location of your customers, worldwide, with true cloud functionality.

Organizations around the world are using CxEngage and loving it.